Friendscout becomes lovescout

Friendscout becomes lovescout

A guest post by Petra. Men in undershirts lounging on the sofa, men in front of old-fashioned closet walls, men in front of some expensive show-off cars – these images rise in my mind's eye when somewhere from friendscout.De the speech is. The Dating portal mixes since beginning of on-line Dating in the Web with. Has probably also quite many members.

Nevertheless, it has always ranked in my personal singles category under "primitive" and "not level".

Strange men on Friendscout..

I know there are exceptions, and my particular, personal view may be unfair, but that's the way I feel about it. I have been looking for a partner myself on the Internet for quite a long time. Was registered everywhere at some times. From new.From Elite to Friendscout. By the latter single stock exchange I met – with few exceptions – actually always only strange men (to put it mildly).

Of course, I ignored those posing in undershirts, but even if there was someone with whom a halay normal mail/telephone contact was established – it was somehow never the "yellow of the egg".

Above all I always had the feeling that many men on friendscout somehow rather look for an adventure instead of a firm partnership – nowhere else the first mails from men had such a primitive-obscene touch.

I met a few candidates from this portal, but nothing came of it except for a few lame "coffee dates" and a one-night stand.

Or – say: almost.

Date with Jörg

Because once – now I remember again – I met Jörg via friendscout. At first everything was as I thought it would be. Jörg was good looking, had manners, worked in an interesting job and could listen too. I remember that for a long time we only went out to eat – Jörg was a real gourmet and took me to all the classy restaurants in our town.

Until he dropped the remark at some point that he "still lives in a partnership".

He justified this with the usual phrases that men use when there is another woman at home. "He would break up soon, the whole thing was already in its final stages anyway" and so on and so forth. At that time I was already so singlebörsen-steeled, however, that I did not fall for this slander at all more.

Who lives in a relationship and registers nevertheless in a single stock exchange, plays in my opinion not fair – that is now times so.

Nevertheless, there must be many men who act like this. In many women forums partners of such men complain that they have caught them secretly in online dating and just as many single women moan online that they have (again) come to a tied one. Often via online dating.

With Jörg it was quickly over. After his confession, to be bound, I made short process and got out of the story.

Friendscout became Lovescout

These days I read now that the singlebörse friendscout24.De has changed its name to lovescout24.En. Probably the title with the "Friends" was too "larifari"-like for the makers themselves?

After all, most singles are looking for a relationship – and not new friends. Although many men at friendscout probably rather have the "friendship with extras" in mind, but so be it…!

Now a new name has been chosen: "Lovescout" – which sounds quite good at first.

Since I still have an account at friendscout24, now lovescout24, I couldn't help but click in out of curiosity.

Well … So really torn from the stool it has not, especially since – but that is with all singlebörsen so – me some one on the pictures grinned, which was already years ago on the search. Otherwise still conspicuously many types in the Jogging Look. In the environment of their untidy looking singles' digs.

But let's wait and see – maybe the level will rise with the new name soon! Suitable for the rather romantic, new LOVESCOUT would be`s all times!

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