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Own car

A car is one of the most important commodities and in some regions is simply indispensable for getting from A to B. But not everyone can count on the financial support of their parents and grandparents when buying a car. That's why it's advisable to start saving early. And even if the dream car is bought, it is recommended to continue to put money aside. Because the first repair is usually not long in coming.

Save the necessary capital with a fund savings plan

With a fund savings plan, you can save for your dream car from as little as €25 per month.

Advantages of fund savings plans

– Small savings rate: You can start with as little as 25 euros and build up your assets bit by bit. – Flexibility: You decide whether you want to save every month, every other month, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can always change or suspend your savings amount at any time. If you need money at short notice, you can sell some or all of your fund units. – Average cost effect: Due to the different entry times, you buy more fund units with your constant savings amounts when prices are low, and less when prices are high. This can pay off for you in the long run. – Broad risk diversification: With a fund savings plan, you invest in a variety of different securities. This way you can profit from the yield opportunities of the financial markets even with small amounts and spread the risk at the same time.

– Start Investment Wizard

You have your driver's license in your pocket, but your savings are not enough to buy your own car? You don't have to give up your dream on four wheels. We support you with the right financing that fits your wallet. Your advantage: With our car loan you become a "cash payer" and thus have the strongest argument for a price reduction in your hand at the car dealership.

Advantages of easyCredit:

– Desired amount up to 75.000 euros – Terms of up to 84 months – Direct online instant approval1 – Extra-long right of return (1 month) – More overview with the financial compass: Your protection against overindebtedness – easyCredit protection letter can be cancelled at any time

1) This applies as long as your submitted documents match the information provided here. In addition, your creditworthiness, information from SCHUFA, Creditreform Boniversum GmbH and infoscore Consumer Data GmbH, the legitimation check and your supplementary information must allow for a payout. Should we not be able to meet your credit request at the current time, you have of course the possibility to have the decision checked at our headquarters in Nuremberg.

– close easyCredit

Before you take your new car out for its first spin, you should insure your car. Here you can choose between third party liability, partial cover and fully comprehensive insurance. However, a liability insurance is necessary in any case. The electronic insurance confirmation (eVB number), which you need for registration at the registration office, serves as proof of the legally required liability insurance.

Motor vehicle liability insurance

This insurance is required by law: No car may be registered in Germany without liability insurance. Because the motor vehicle liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences if you cause damage to others with your vehicle.

Partial motor insurance

With partial coverage insurance, you protect your car against the financial consequences of damage caused, for example, by fire, explosion, theft, storm, hail, lightning, flooding or glass breakage. So that you do not remain on the costs in the case of damage, you should extend your Haftplicht by the protection of a partial cover insurance. Partial cover is cheaper than you think.

Comprehensive motor insurance

Especially for new or high-value cars, comprehensive motor insurance is a sensible addition. Because this insurance also helps in self-inflicted accidents and then saves you from high costs. The protection of a partial comprehensive insurance is of course included.

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