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"Adyge Xabze" is the epitome of the Circassians for their traditions and their way of life. It is a code of honor, based on mutual respect and esteem, which requires above all responsibility, discipline and self-control.

These are the unwritten laws of the Circassians, which were never written down, but nevertheless regulated their everyday life in the past. According to this code, courage, generosity and humanity were considered the most important and indispensable qualities of a knight, while greed, thirst for possessions, wealth and boasting were considered a disgrace ("Haynape").

This masculine ideal of chivalry was opposed by a particular ideal of women: objectively it was tall and slender stature and in terms of character the quality of giving oneself and speaking in a decent, reserved manner. A large, slim growth should be achieved with the girls by a close-fitting leather corset, which should also inhibit breast growth. The growth of the breast was accepted as a sign of becoming a woman. The hospitality was. Is particularly pronounced among Circassians. A guest was not only a guest of the family but always a guest of the whole village and the clan. Even to enemies, this hospitality continued to be considered a sacred duty. When an enemy entered the house he was also treated respectfully and served.

The famous Caucasologist A. Dir once wrote "The guest is like a slave of the host". With this sentence he tries to explain that also the guest has to follow the rules of the "Chabze", z.B. The guest was not allowed to become the "guest" of another family without the permission of his host.

Every Circassian rises as soon as someone enters the room, offers him a seat and speaks only when asked to do so. In the presence of elders and women, consideration and respect is essential. In the presence of women, disputes are stopped, if a woman breaks into such a situation, this dispute is immediately stopped. At the request of a woman even the quarreling parties reconcile.

The cornerstone of Circassian society is the characteristic of a "thamade". According to common understanding and usage the "older" ones are called "Thamade", but this is too inaccurate. A "thamade" is also the one who, regardless of his age, takes responsibility within a wedding party or any other event. However, the prerequisite is that this person is familiar with the rules of the "Chabze.

The "Adyge Xabze" had created a superior social order. This chivalrous spirit also captivated the neighboring peoples, so that they also adopted the "Xabze". From Crimean courts to Georgian kings, the "chabze" was adopted as a noble ideal. They sent their children as pupils to Circassian educators so that they too would be taught this noble ideal. This ideal Circassian way of life was, of course, in the past. Not applied by everyone even in the present. The society, however, tries to keep alive its customs and traditions with the utmost care and life. The Circassian (Adygean) society owes its existence to the ca.

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