Could tell about herself without inhibitions

Could tell about herself without inhibitions

Dear Heike, thank you again for the very interesting and relaxed course. I will take a lot from this, just from your personal way of transferring knowledge.

Susanne from Dortmund

Dear Heike,thank you! I thank you for your selection of gifts, your thoughts, your suggestions for mindfulness, meditation and (professional) everyday life. You have a calm, pleasant way of conveying this, even with a touch of humor.

Many greetings, Christiane from Dortmund

Dear Heike, in your autogenic training course you made me and the other participating students aware of the fact that there are solutions to deal with the small and big everyday problems, with stress, pressure and all the worries that come with it. Every hour was -also because of the harmonic and loving atmosphere- a relaxing time out and did me good. I will continue to practice autogenic training diligently and thank you for the wonderful experience and the good teaching.

Meike, student RUB

Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the instructive time in your course "Stress Management". In addition to the acute to long-term stress management, you have shown me many horizons with units on sleep and time and energy management, in the direction of which it is worthwhile to train your own consciousness. How many little things there are that can increase the daily quality of life: Be it the candle at dinner or three minutes of palming to relax the eyes in between. In short: Thank you!

Max R., Student from Bochum

Recently I visited together with my adult daughter an AT – compact course at the VHS Dortmund. Since we already had previous knowledge and the knowledge as well as the practical exercises (very important!), we have chosen this form. Like most course participants, I have trouble relaxing, letting go of the daily grind and falling asleep. I practice every day and don't want to claim that I can already do the AT correctly. Heike's advice not to put myself under pressure, to be aware of what is happening in my body, helped me a lot. I also found the background information very interesting, for example about stress reactions, control mechanisms in the body, sleep problems, etc. Our group was only small, of course we could profit from that. All questions were answered and no problem was "too small", to be discussed.

I would like to thank her again for the very intensive weekend, also on behalf of my daughter!

Ute, Hamburg

Thanks again for the last weeks and the super course. It was very enriching.

R., Student of the RUB

Hello Heike, after emotionally debilitating years we had lost sight of our inner center.

We were advised to try autogenic training. In our search for suitable options, we came across your offers on the Internet.

Today, after 8 weeks of introduction to this relaxation technique, with many new impressions, changed perspectives and perceptions, we say:

Heartfelt thanks! With you we were right! Sensitive, never lecturing, equipped with humor and the ability to listen, you have brought us on the way to autosuggestion. Your instructions will ensure in the future that we will also make progress on this path. The hours with you were very informative for us, combined with many a WOW.

Thanks again and best regards


Dear Heike, thank you very much for the exciting and instructive hours of autogenic training. I have learned a lot about myself and will continue to practice AT at home, so that in the future I will be as beautifully relaxed as I was in the practice sessions with you.


Hello Heike, I enjoyed the AT with you very much. I continue to practice daily and am usually fresher and feel good afterwards.

Thanks for this. Many greetings,


I felt very comfortable in your AT courses. It often helps me before I fall asleep, I can then turn off the circling thoughts and fall asleep faster. Your information about sleep and stress was interesting and insightful.

Renate Sch.

Heike Hornung's friendly, approachable manner and her sense of humor create an atmosphere in which one feels in good hands. I have attended two courses with pleasure and have just booked the third course, because I find the relaxation exercises under your guidance helpful and would like to continue to enjoy them on this path of relaxation.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The past year has not been easy for me, but I have learned to deal with it through your course content. Perceive, do not judge, this helped me a lot. The much information about sleep. Stress were informative.


Both of the courses I attended with Heike did me a lot of good. Autogenic training rarely does me as good as it does in the courses – your voice and instructions made me and the other participants feel great let. There is a lot of personal commitment to the topics of health and relaxation, and Heike's refreshing manner has always done me good after a long day at work!

Kathrin H.

Autogenic training has helped me a lot to reduce my stress. Ms. Hornung takes a very individual approach. Competent to each participant. One gets many suggestions that help one further.

M. Menke, Fröndenberg

Dear Heike, I would like to thank you once again for a wonderful and instructive eight weeks of autogenic training. Now in everyday life I can see what the whole thing is doing to me. On the one hand I "practice" regularly – with the result that I am actually very calm in myself and on the other hand I have gained a great self-confidence. I simply feel particularly well. Thank you!

Birgit S., Dortmund

Every Wednesday I looked forward immensely to relaxing under your guidance. For the first time I realized that I can put my body in such a relaxed state. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience for me.

A. W.

At the beginning of the year I took part in a course of autogenic training with Ms. Hornung participated. Since I myself am an exercise instructor for preventive sports, I also wanted to do something good for myself. I was able to learn how to relax wonderfully. The course content was conveyed very clearly. I came across Mrs. Hornung's website through the Internet. I can only recommend a course with her.

Jutta Sch.

We have a group course "Autogenic Training" visited Heike to try something new. Through her calm and convincing manner, Heike was very quickly able to bring together a group of previously unknown people and make them feel at ease. One notices Heike's great teaching experience directly. With great patience and dedication, she understands very well how to convey the contents of autogenic training in an interesting way. We will be happy to come again.

Zhanna and Roman (34 years)

Everybody knows stress, no matter in which form. As a prospective student (19), it was clear to me after graduating from high school that I wanted to find a way to deal with stress in the future. The consistently positive attitude of Heike Hornung has helped me a lot to "perceive" all physical and mental symptoms of stress and to respond to them in a more relaxed way.

Through her biological expertise, she was also able to explain abstract phenomena such as heart palpitations during excitement or the formation of fixed thought patterns through stress, so that I can now deal with myself and my body much more consciously, because I know that everything is a normal reaction. In conclusion, I can say that the autogenic training has brought me a lot of serenity and calmness and will certainly help me in the future.

Heike Hornung's likeable, positive and competent manner has certainly contributed to this to a great extent. I can only recommend the course to everyone!

Lucia, Dortmund

"More relaxed than ever – this is how I actually feel when I teach in front of my classes. Among other things, I have autogenic training with Heike Hornung to thank for this. After I had caused myself a lot of stress because of my stuttering in connection with my upcoming traineeship, I wanted to learn a relaxation technique before I started. With the autogenic training with Heike Hornung I have made exactly the right choice. In eight individual lessons I was competently and calmly taught and explained autogenic training in such an optimal way that I can now use it well in everyday life to relax in stressful situations. Mrs. Hornung takes a lot of time in the individual lessons. Always responds to individual needs.

Especially in upcoming stressful times (such as my traineeship as a teacher) – but also in all other unrelaxed life situations – I can recommend learning a relaxation technique with Heike Hornung, in order to master the challenges in a more relaxed way than ever before.

It worked for me!

Sebastian, trainee teacher from Bochum

I took the basic course in autogenic training with Heike Hornung. The weekly meeting quickly became a welcome routine. We had a great group, and all wishes and questions were answered. We were also able to exchange ideas and support each other on our progress.

In every lesson there was interesting background knowledge, of course very well prepared by the course instructor as a teacher. I have been able to acquire the AT wonderfully during this time. It has made my everyday life much more relaxed.

Unfortunately, I stopped practicing for a long time because I thought I was doing well, but like riding a bike, I was able to do the AT again right away and have been doing it regularly ever since.

I have also taken workshops with Heike Hornung on the subject of progressive muscle relaxation and on the subject of stress and sleep. As usual, these were also very competent, informative and instructive in a pleasant atmosphere.

Anke, Dortmund

We are 21 year old students and as a couple have sought the help of Heike due to acute complaints. The autogenic training sessions in her relaxation cellar were very harmonious. One felt directly safe. Could tell about himself without inhibitions. Heike responded to us with her reassuring and open manner and took a lot of time for us. The course has given us many preventive tips. Views given for the future.

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