Communication in the club netiquette

Communication in the association / Netiquette

Communication in the club netiquette

As a member, you will find the links to the WhatsApp groups in the members area. We take your contributions seriously. Do not want to have to delete contributions. Please keep your informal contributions as short as possible. No permanent communication or shitstorms post. Articles on the subject of aviation. Concerning the association!

What we do NOT want

Contributions not related to the club or to aviation Untruths Sexist contributions Racist contributions Insults and insults Right-wing or left-wing radical contributions Attacks on human dignity Content harmful to minors Violations of the intimate or private sphere of other users Violations of German law Company internals from your own company Personal data Spam

Should club members out themselves through above comments/behavior, the board reserves the right to remove corresponding members from the air sports BMW Group e.V. To exclude.

The board of directors of the air sports BMW Group e.V. Expressly distances itself from the above content and stands for respectful and decent interaction with each other. And this regardless of religion, skin color, nationality or sexual orientation.

With the request for compliance!

Your board Michael, Murat, Jürgen and Michael

Here are a few tips for good online communication:

Never forget that there is a person sitting on the other side reading your texts. Imagine this person, and consider whether what you have to write is really worth reading for them. Don't hide behind anonymity, use your real name if possible and don't write anything you can't identify with. Or the other way around: if you feel you'd rather hide in anonymity, you might want to leave the comment that "makes your fingers itch" anyway. Keep in mind that "Du" has become the accepted form of address on the German-speaking web, and don't be annoyed if you're not "gesiezt". Think before you write – and read what you've written again before you hit "send". Because said is said, and sent is sent, getting it back is almost impossible. Also, pay attention to spelling, grammar and expression – even if it's "just" digital communication, because mistakes are annoying when you "stumble over them" while reading. Don't use swear words – the internet may be a virtual space, but it's still real life, and please be polite and respectful in your interpersonal communication. Remember that written words do not convey gestures and facial expressions. So: either express yourself clearly, or use "emoticons" like z.B. A "wink-smiley" But don't overdo it with the "emoticonization"! They are more for the personal chat with your best friend, but for any form of general communication you should prefer the written word.

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