Car rental in cologne what to consider when choosing a car rental company.

Rent a car, truck or trailer for any need: whether it is a business trip, a move or an independent discovery tour.

Important tips for choosing a car rental company

1. Compare prices: Ask the car rental company if there are extra charges for z.B. Oneway rental charges.

2. Specify age when booking: Clarify whether a minimum age is provided to rent a vehicle. Some rent a car companies require a minimum age of 25 years old. In some countries like England or USA you can rent a car even from 19 or 21 years old.

3. No right of withdrawal: According to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), there is no right of withdrawal from car rentals if you book the vehicle online.

4. Read the rental contract correctly: Read the terms and conditions of the car rental company thoroughly before signing. The contract is concluded only with your signature, regardless of whether you have previously reserved the rental car online or in a travel agency.

5. Insurance: If you take out comprehensive insurance with a car rental company at the same time, pay attention to the amount of the deductible. The exact extent of the insurance coverage should in any case be stated in the rental contract.

6. Keep to the rental period: In any case, keep to the agreed rental period. If you return a car too early or too late without informing the car rental company, you may be subject to additional payment charges.

7. Refueling: Clarify in advance whether you have to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. Often car rental companies charge high fuel fees for vehicles left empty.

8. Pick up and return: check your rental car with a car rental employee before you start your trip so that any previous damage can be logged. Likewise with the return of the car.

Damage to the rental vehicle – who pays for it?

In case of an accident or just a small scratch in the rental car, especially with new or larger vehicle models, considerably high costs can arise.

Now the question arises, do you have to be liable for the damage yourself or are you covered by the car rental company?

If you opt for an all-round cover, it is best to choose a fully comprehensive insurance (if possible without deductible) for all damage you cause to the rental car yourself, a motor liability insurance for damage to the car of others and a theft insurance. With this package you are definitely on the safe side.

TipIf you rent a car and pay the deposit by credit card, make sure that a sum is written on the receipt. This will prevent the car rental company from charging any amount to your credit card in the event of a claim.

What to do if there is damage to the rental car?

The very first thing you should do in case of an accident with a rental car is to call the police immediately, no matter how big the damage is. The police records the damage. Issue a damage report. Only with this protocol the insurance pays.

If there were witnesses to the accident, make a note of their names, if this has not already been done by the police. Report the damage immediately to your car rental company as well. Document everything with photos.

If you have caused damage to the rental vehicle, the car rental company will retain the deposit you have paid. If you have taken out an insurance policy with a deductible, then you have to pay a personal contribution.

Find a car rental in Cologne?

The Cologne Flitzer car rental is your competent partner if you want to rent a car, van or a truck in Cologne.

The fleet of the Cologne speedsters contains for every purpose the right vehicle ready. Whether you are interested in a short term rental or you need the vehicle for a longer period of time – get advice from the Cologne car rental company.

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