Avm car rental in munich

Avm car rental in munich

AVM car rental in Munich – Company service

>>> We offer as a service for companies

… The rental of trucks and commercial vehicles for companies whose transport capacities fluctuate depending on the season or large projects.

With our fleet we serve

– Companies with changing to strongly fluctuating transport capacities,
– Customers with day orders or special needs, that the purchase of own vehicles does not make sense.

In this respect, our fleet is designed in such a way that with one vehicle several requirement profiles can be satisfied at the same time.

Typical customers come from the mail order- trade show logistics, event production, catering, film and television, advertising and media industries, as well as computer distribution.

>>> We are a vehicle provider

… For research and development projects of the automobile and supplier industry, z.B. When testing new models against competitor's branded types or comparing the behavior of newly developed tires on different vehicles.

Already over years we belong to the few car rental companies, which provide comparison vehicles for research and development as well as for product training.

Our customers include well-known car manufacturers, brake system manufacturers, construction companies, tire companies, and many companies from the automotive supply industry.

We procure vehicles according to customer specifications and place vehicles on long-term lease as well (6 months and more) available.

>>> Also in the passenger car sector

… There are always interesting areas of application for AVM. Here, the reason for use is often of a medium-term nature:

Bridging delivery times or the probationary period of a new employee with a claim to a company car, project work or external appointments of employees otherwise deployed in the administration allow companies and private individuals to make use of AVM's services on a daily basis.

Why buy a problem when you can rent the solution from AVM!?

Car rental munich – 089 596161 AVM car rental – rent a car in munich. You are and stay mobile with AVM:

> Day by day
> Week after week
> Month by month

Especially AVM has particularly favorable long-term offers for companies created. You should an alternative to the usual forms of procurement such as vehicle purchase, leasing or financing and therefore offer a whole range of advantages over the general forms of vehicle procurement.

>>> Why renting is worthwhile for you – Your advantages with a long-term rental :

No capital commitment.
We reduce your liquidity only with the rental rates not with the purchase price.

High liquidity.
Since we do not make an entry in SCHUFA, your credit rating remains unchanged.

Fixed costs.
As all ancillary costs are already included in the rental price. No unforeseen FC costs for repairs, insurance, vehicle tax, GEZ or inspections.

Cost reduction
by deducting the rental rates as a 100% operating expense.

No residual value risk.
Compared to leasing, you have nothing to do with the residual value. At the end of the rental period you simply return the vehicle and eventually rent a new one.

Manageable term.
Who knows what will happen in 3 years ? Six months is a manageable term. Changes in the vehicle fleet do not require unexpected costs.

Complete insurance coverage.
Our fully comprehensive insurance coverage offers you competent claims handling. There are no administrative tasks for you.

You only need to fill up! Are you looking for a reliable. Suitable mobility service provider in Munich ? You want customized rates for your mobility needs ?

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