Autoversicherung zweitwagen versichern ab 30%

Autoversicherung zweitwagen versichern ab 30%

For all vehicle owners, second car insurance is an ideal way to save money. This option is particularly popular with novice drivers who have their car insured as a second car in the first few years through grandparents, siblings or parents. To insure the second car cheaply, you must already have the first car insured with a car insurance policy. Only then will you be able to insure your second car with a car insurance company such as Directline at much better conditions and, in the best case, like the first car d.H. From 30%

Go now to Directline KFZ Versicherung and insure your second car like your first car

Second car insurance is worthwhile for the insured if:

– the insured person of the second car is a civil servant or works in the public service, because then the discounts are usually even more favorable. – the insured, who wants to insure the second car, has had at least SF class ½ with his car insurance up to now and would also like to negotiate this rate for the second car. – you want to register the second vehicle for your children, who are still novice drivers.

What you save on a second car rebate?

Insurance companies take the second car discount to classify the second car in no-claims class 1/2, which means you automatically skip no-claims classes 0 and S. This halves the otherwise quite high insurance premium in one fell swoop. In individual cases, the car insurance companies such as Directline take the second car again a special classification, where you can save even more money on the premium, at the Directline KFZ insurance you can insure in the best case the second car like the first car.

Go directly to the provider and in the best case insure second car like first car

Details of the second car insurance

If a second car is added, there is no change to the car insurance contract of the first vehicle. In addition, you do not necessarily have to insure both vehicles with the same motor vehicle insurance company. It is entirely your decision with which provider you insure your first and second vehicle.

With the second car tariff, the no-claims class is also upgraded annually, which means that you will have to pay less for your insurance premium after a while. However, it is necessary to have the car insured for at least six months in the case of an initial classification in the old year. Thus, the insurance policy of the vehicle should be valid until 30. June be completed that you are better classified in the following year in the no-claims class. If the insurance company downgrades the second car, this does not apply to the first car, as both contracts are completely independent of each other.

How to get an inexpensive second car insurance?

It's best to go straight to Directline Insurance or use our free car insurance comparison service.

Here you can easily find the right provider among a large number of car insurance companies. Within a few minutes you will find out without obligation and free of charge, where you can insure your second car cheaply.

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