Autogenic training was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century

Autogenic training was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century

Advanced training e.K.

Street: Galgenbergstr. 2b


Location: Regensburg

Start date 2022-09-23

End date 2022-10-16

Time start 16:00

Cost 349,00 €

Registration deadline 2022-09-20

Description Autogenic training was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Century of Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrich Schultz developed. Is a relaxation method in the sense of holistic salutogenesis. The effectiveness of this concentrative self-relaxation to have a positive regulatory effect on the autonomic nervous system has been scientifically proven and is now indispensable in both preventive and rehabilitative settings.

In this measure, which is certified after §20 SGB V primary prevention and health promotion, you receive psychological specialized knowledge and learn by means of recognized methods and techniques, both itself autosuggestiv, and as a course leader other humans to lead, into a relaxed condition to put, an internal balance to cause and thus for more relaxation provide.

This course is aimed at: – all professional groups with previous medical experience (doctors, non-medical practitioners, physiotherapists, etc.).) who are looking for relaxation-therapeutic approaches for the holistic treatment of body and mind. – all persons with the appropriate basic qualification who would like to offer prevention courses subsidized by health insurance companies. – Trainers who want to improve their knowledge in the field of psychology, relaxation and regeneration. – all persons, who would like to increase your employment chances in the medical and health-oriented sector by this training.

Contents: – Physical and psychological stresses of the present – Stress: medical, psychological and physiological approaches, General and individual stress perception Stress avoidance, reduction and management – Advantages and benefits of relaxation techniques – Health care system in Germany – Basics of health promotion according to §20 Abs. 1 SGB V: Fields of action of primary prevention, Necessary basic qualifications for leading primary prevention courses Mandatory further and additional qualifications – Palliative-regenerative stress management: autogenic training: basics, functioning and self-experience, advantages, benefits and opportunities, Medical, preventive and therapeutic use, indication and contraindication, disadvantages and risks – AT course program: Basic level, Planning and leading user courses, Structure of training phases, Beginner exercises, The six standard psychophysiological exercises, Exercises in individual training and group dynamic exercises, Formulation, assistance and difficulties of exercises, Rest formula, Effective withdrawal from relaxation AT course program – Intermediate level: Formation of formulaic resolutions, Affirmations -AT course program – Advanced level: Mediation, Course structure, General conditions, planning and leading user courses, formulation, assistance and difficulties of the exercises, introduction to the course program 8 x 90 min, prevention courses according to § 20 SGB V, transfer to everyday life, feedback – Course leader competence: methodology and didactics, communication Participation requirements: Minimum age 18 years Notes: – The additional qualification "Autogenic Training" qualified to offer §20 courses subsidized by health insurance companies with the appropriate basic qualification (university degree in psychology, pedagogy, social and health pedagogy, social, health and sports science or medicine, or training as a sports and gymnastics teacher, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, remedial teacher or educator). – Certified according to §20 SGB V Primary prevention and health promotion DQR/EQR qualification level 4, DIN standard 33961 level 4 – Upon completion of the courses relaxation trainer, autogenic training (according to §20) and progressive muscle relaxation (according to §20) you will receive the certificate "relaxation therapist". Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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