2022 Cc and 88 hp

2022 Cc and 88 hp

The automatic transmission – lazy driving.One thing is certain – if we had had any idea of all the "stumbling blocks" we would have encountered in connection with an automatic drive system we would have expected the limo to have a manual gearbox with a "stinking normal clutch" converted.

On a coati with automatic transmission you have to pay more attention than on one with a "switch" to do.

Our limo was equipped with an automatic transmission of the first generation (EZ 1969) with a suitable torque converter. According to the previous owner, however, there were no problems with this gearbox. It ran perfectly until the vehicle was decommissioned in 1996.

The original engine with 1668 cc (KB "V" with 68 hp) we have overhauled or. To be rebuilt, so that it now has 2056 cc and 88 hp. Due to these engine-sided changes and also by the mounting of a AHK at our limo, we decided to use a torque converter of the last automatic series (VW 412).

This converter already differs externally by a larger number of cooling fins, compared to the previous model and is specially designed for more engine power and trailer operation.

We bought the used torque converter from ZF Sachs AG, Windelsbleicher Str., Germany. 80, 33647 Bielefeld (www.Zfsachs.De) general overhaul. We would like to thank the ZF team for their excellent service!

Repair of automatic transmission EC 0060868

On the 28.11.In 2015, we were finally able to pick up our automatic transmission from the transmission specialist Mr. Julius Sabau from Porta Westfalica.

When we brought the transmission to him at the beginning of September 2015, he had immediately dismantled it on one of the next days and inspected its inner workings.

We had agreed to bring another gasket, which I had once bought from VW Classic Parts, and so we came back to him already a few days later.

Mr. Sabau was totally enthusiastic about the automatic transmission. It had been a long time since he had seen such a well finished and preserved transmission. The modern transmissions of the current cars contain many plastic parts. Cheap aluminum; that's why today's automatic transmissions would not last very long.

In the 411 transmission, the bearing bushings are made of high-quality metal alloys or. Turned steel. Only the rubber seals were worn in throughout and thus leaking. These have now been replaced with higher quality seals.

Mr. Sabau gets all his spare parts from the Netherlands, the quality and also the prices are better with our neighbors.

The first pictures (picture 1 to 24) show the parts of the 411 automatic transmission, fresh from the dissecting table of Mr. Sabau. September 2014 we had done the external cleaning of the gearbox, which is extremely important for further repair, so that no foreign bodies can get into the housing during disassembly.

When we picked up the car, Mr. Sabau gave us some tips on what to look out for in the automatic transmission, which I supplemented with information from the workshop manual:

1. After the overhaul, the new oil strainer (plate 32) must be installed after 200 km. 003.325.421 had to be blown through with compressed air in order to remove. To remove impurities from the assembly.

2. The fluid level is checked with the dipstick when the engine is idling, the transmission oil is hand-warm and the selector lever is in position "N" (apply the handbrake). Only wipe the dipstick with a clean, lint-free cloth.

The prescribed fluid level is extremely important for the proper functioning of the autom. Gearboxes. For this reason, the oil level must be checked with the utmost care. The fluid level must be between the upper. Trace the lower mark on the dipstick. If the fluid level is too low, refill transmission fluid "ATF". Important: Do not overfill, too much filled in fluid leads to malfunctions in the automatic transmission and must therefore be drained again.

3. The gasket no. 3 (Figs. 31 and 4-2 and following).) in the seal set VW part no. 003.398.007 is susceptible to shrinkage during operation, d. H. It can leak and ATF fluid gets into the final drive (5) or gear oil into the planetary gear (1) which would result in a total loss of the gearbox in any case. Therefore it is important that after each approx. 10.000 km, tighten the 4 M8 nuts (no. 16) evenly tightened crosswise resp. Whose tight fit must be checked. In the automatic transmission, all wear parts such as z. B. All seals or gaskets, brake bands, inner and outer plates, and div. Springs exchanged for new parts.

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