1928 The company holding (jap

Nissan is a multinational company based in Japan and is the eighth largest automaker in the world (OICA, 2009). In 1928, the company holding (jap. Kontserun for dt. Group) Nihon Sangyo, whose shares were listed on the Japanese stock exchange under the abbreviation Nissan. The Japan stock exchange listed company with the abbreviation, which originated in the 1930s the name Nissan inscribed. By World War II, with its 74 companies, Nissan is the fourth-largest automaker in Japan. The history of the Nissan company begins in 1911 with the founding of Kaishinsha Motorcar Works in Tokyo by Masujiro Hashimoto, which built its first passenger car in 1914. He was called 'DAT'. The name Datson was based on English. Should "son of DAT" meaning. Unfortunately, it says "son in Japanese also for "disadvantage or "loss and one feared a bad omen. After the factory was rebuilt, it was decided to change the name to Datsun, where "sun" means (dt. Sun) comes from English and is an allusion to Japan as the land of the rising sun. After Nihon Sangyo became the main shareholder during a shareholders' meeting in June 1934, the company was given its present name Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. In the 1950s, the company began a major overseas expansion through several strategic associations in America and Europe. First they presented the small Datsun car. In the same year, the production facilities in Yokosuka and Zama were completed, supplemented by a third plant that had formerly belonged to the Prince Motor Company. This manufacturer of luxurious automobiles was completely taken over and some of its vehicles, such as the Prince Skyline or the Prince Gloria were gradually added to the Nissan model range. By constantly introducing the latest technological developments and attractive Italian-style design, Nissan became one of the largest exporters of automobiles in the 1970s. Some of the most notable models of that time are Faerlady, 510, 240Z and the 411 series. The vehicle industry was rocked by two oil crises in the 1970s, but the small and fuel-efficient Datsun models helped Nissan compete in the global marketplace. Datsun name has not been used since 1986. In response to luxury brands, Nissan introduced the new Infiniti brand in North America in 1989. Ten years later, in 1999, Renault and Nissan entered into a contract and Carlos Ghosn finally CEO announced the Nissan Revival Plan (NRP), considered one of the most impressive corporate recovery plans in history. Currently, Nissan's portfolio includes the sedans: Altima, Bluebird Sylphy, Cedric Y31, Tida, Teana, Sentra, Maxima, Fuga; hatchbacks: Roque, Note, coupes: Altima, 370Z/Z34 (and Roadster), Skyline GT-R; pickups: Navarre / Frontier, SUVs: Armada, X-Trail, Xterra, Pathfinder, Qashqai, Patrol, Murano, Juke, minivans: Note, Elgrand, Cube. Below you will find a range of passenger car models from Nissan, whose technical specifications and data can be verified. Nissan Note
model year engine power torque maximum speed longitudinal width height grade 1.6 2005~ 1.6 l (1598 cc)81 kW (111 ps)152 Nm (112 ft-lb)182 km/h4082.00 mm1690.00 mm1551.00 mm Note 1.5 E11 2005~ 1.5 l (1498 cc)80 kW (109 hp)148 Nm (109 ft-lb)-3989.00 mm1690.00 mm1536.00 mm grade 1.5 4WD E11 2005~ 1.5 l (1498 cc)80 kW (109 hp)148 Nm (109 ft-lb)-3989.00 mm1690.00 mm1544.00 mm Note 1.5 turbo diesel 2005~ 1.5 l (1461 ccm)63 kW (86 hp)201 Nm (148 ft-lb)167 km/h4082.00 mm1690.00 mm1551.00 mm grade 1.5 turbo diesel 2005~ 1.5 l (1461 ccm)50 kW (68 ps)160 Nm (118 ft-lb)156 km/h4082.00 mm1690.00 mm1551.00 mm Grade 1.6 Automatic 2005~ 1.6 l (1598 cc)81 kW (111 hp)152 Nm (112 ft-lb)173 km/h4082.00 mm1690.00 mm1551.00 mm Note 1.4 2005~ 1.4 l (1386 ccm)65 kW (89 ps)129 Nm (95 ft-lb)164 km/h4082.00 mm1690.00 mm1551.00 mm Note 1.5 turbo diesel 2008~ 1.5 l (1461 ccm)76 kW (104 ps)239 Nm (176 ft-lb)-4082.00 mm1690.00 mm1551.00 mm Note 15X E11 2011~ 1.5 l (1498 ccm)80 kW (109 ps)148 Nm (109 ft-lb)-4019.00 mm1690.00 mm1536.00 mm grade 15X FOUR E11 2011~ 1.5 l (1498 ccm)80 kW (109 ps)148 Nm (109 ft-lb)-4019.00 mm1690.00 mm1544.00 mm Note 16X E11 2011~ 1.6 l (1598 cc)80 kW (109 hp)153 Nm (112 ft-lb)-4019.00 mm1690.00 mm1536.00 mm


1928 The company holding (jap

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