Typical man and typical woman

Typical man and typical woman

They are funny or hurtful, often untrue, but they are persistent: clichés about men and women. Whether it's men always thinking about one thing or women yakking too much, gender stereotypes have always accompanied the flirting game. How you can gain plus points from this for your flirting, you can learn here.

Typical man – and how woman can use this for flirting

1. Men only think about one thing: Not true. They are also interested in soccer, cars, model trains or politics. Okay, these are also pretty male-dominated topics.
For flirting, this means: Try to pick up the man where he is. If he is passionate about a hobby, this is also at the same time an excellent basis for a nice conversation. He will then soon want to know what you like.

2. Men are inflexible: It is a miracle if a man can wash the dishes and have a conversation at the same time – according to a widespread prejudice.
For flirting this means: In fact, many men feel hurt when woman joke on the subject. Maybe it would be better to leave this topic out when flirting for the first time, because in traditionally classic male areas, such as changing tires or handicrafts, guys always demonstrate creativity and skill.

3. Men in the household are incapable: After lacking nothing in the "Hotel Mama", man seems a little overwhelmed with general cleaning. The flawless operation of a vacuum cleaner is already a real milestone there.
For the flirt, this means: When flirting, your first question should not be "Can you cook??" Must be. Do not appear as an omniscient housewife, but tell a few nice anecdotes about your own weaknesses in the household. What was your biggest kitchen mishap?? Small weaknesses make you likeable and break the ice.

4. Men don't talk about their feelings: Guys often seem a bit closed off. To her emotional world woman does not penetrate completely. One's own state of mind is often acknowledged with a meager "it fits" or "everything is okay".
For flirting, this means: That's why many men don't understand persistent questions as care or interest, but as intrusive interrogation. As a rule, this tends to scare men away. As a general rule, avoid problematic issues. Use questions only as a conversation starter. When flirting, it's better to talk casually about your hobbies and everyday topics.

5. Men have to make the first move: They are conquerors and know what they want. When they see the woman of their dreams, they will always fight uncompromisingly for the love of their life.
For flirting, this means: Wrong, the first step is usually taken by the woman. Give the man a short beautiful smile. Subtly rely on your body language. The following applies: Less is more. Because men react very sensitively to visual stimuli anyway.

6. Men only look at the outside: Legs to the sky, wasp waist and blonde long hair – men's selection criteria are harsh and unfair. Because men all have the same female prototype in their head.
For the flirt it means: Guys are by far not as superficial as many believe. Because external beauty also includes youthfulness, natural makeup, friendliness, an open smile, and a self-confident appearance. Emphasize your natural assets. You will soon have your first trump card in your hand!

7. The man, the protector: With his muscular body he protects the "weaker sex" like a bulwark against all the dangers that lurk out there.
For flirting, this means: Men love the protector role to this day, because in every little boy there is also a brilliant cavalier. You need to change the winter tires and you don't know how to do it? Ask a nice man for his gentlemanly qualities. He will certainly be happy to help you. You can return the favor when the opportunity arises.

And read now: Typical woman – and how man can use that for flirting

1. Women talk too much: Women talk a lot, like to talk a lot, often and sometimes without a dot or comma. You're sitting across from your date. Are more silent than their goldfish? Then don't be surprised if she gives nervous monologues to avoid awkward pauses. Jump over your shadow on a date. Contribute significantly to the conversation. She will certainly see it positively.

2. Women are looking for rich men: Women are supposed to be materialistic. Freely according to the motto: "If the money is right, the man fits".
For flirting, this means: Women don't want luxury, they want a responsible, mature and ambitious man. If your date is interested in your lifestyle, then it is for reasons of joint future planning. An absolute compliment. Take the opportunity to show her that you have the total character package.

3. All women secretly want to be princesses: A little pink here, a little glitter there. Preferably all women would be princesses, only they would never admit it.
For flirting, this means: "Small gesture, big effect". Give your date a lot of attention: holding the door open like a cavalier, adjusting the chair or surprising her with a flower is very likely to be well received. So she really feels like a princess.

4. Women always want to be the most beautiful: As soon as they see competition, it is patterned from top to bottom.
For flirting, this means: Take precautions! With cleverly placed compliments you do real ground work. If you give her the honest feeling of being the most beautiful right from the start, she has no reason to become a snarling wildcat.

5. Women always have cold hands and feet: Women don't have limbs, they have ice blocks – summer or winter.
For flirting, this means: For luck! There is hardly anything more practical when dating. If your flirt is shivering and rubbing her fingers, you don't even need an excuse to warm her hands. It's clear they won't let go so quickly.

6. Women have no sense of direction: Women can neither read maps, nor do they ever find the right way at first go.
For flirting, this means: Here you can shamelessly exploit the situation. When saying goodbye, alluding to the cliché, offer to escort her home. Of course only so that she does not get lost.

7. Women love shopping: Once women start shopping they don't stop until the credit card is red hot. And that takes time.
For flirting this means: If it's going to be an unconventional date, venture out shopping with your flirt. You'll see that with humor and a few goofs, it turns into a memorably good date.

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