Tüv report 2022

Tüv report 2022

The fact that the lighting system is sometimes treated stepmotherly is also shown by the distribution of defect groups. Here "light, electric" is again far ahead in the statistics. And this despite the fact that at least check the lighting system is usually relatively easy to do. However, the rate of significant deficiencies in this area has dropped again. The manufacturers have also worked on this with the development of reliable. Durable technology certainly their share.

The annual lighting campaign, which is carried out each October by the automotive trade and the TÜV, among others, also serves the purpose of eliminating lighting deficiencies on vehicles, especially before the dark time of year.

Altogether results in the TÜV statistics as sequence for the most frequently occurring groups of lack "light, electrical system", "axles, wheels, tires", environmental impact" and "brake".

The older the vehicles are when they are inspected by the TÜV, the higher the number of those that do not receive a sticker at the first attempt. The latest TÜV NORD figures prove this: At the first general inspection at the age of three years, 5.1 percent of cars are found to have significant defects. At the age of five, it's already 9.0 percent, and so it goes on until the eleven-year-olds, of which 27.1 percent have to go to the repair shop for repairs.

The average mileage, which in addition to age is also a reason for wear and tear and thus defects, is now 45.179 kilometers for three-year-olds and 130 for eleven-year-olds.304 kilometers on the speedometer. This is less than in the previous year (48.487 and 131.696).

Important: Anyone who is still driving with a yellow sticker for 2021 should make an appointment with their TÜV soon. With the coming turn of the year, the color of the 'due' stickers changes from yellow to brown and so, for example, it is already recognizable to law enforcement officers in terms of color that the TÜV deadline has been exceeded. Then a warning fine is due after more than two months. From the age of 8. Month still another point in Flensburg is added. Month still another point in Flensburg is added.

The Mercedes GLC is listed as the car with the fewest defects in the entire TÜV Report 2022, which also makes it the SUV class winner. It is followed by the Mercedes B-Class, which is thus crowned as the winner of the vans. Also in the compact-. The mid-range Mercedes is clearing the way. A-Class. C-Class are top. In the small cars and minis category, the Audi A1 and the Opel Karl ultimately win out.

In the lower places in the ranking, depending on age, are Dacia Logan and Duster, Renault Kangoo, Fiat Punto and Panda but as 4-5 year olds also the VW Sharan and the BMW 5 Series/6 Series.

The TÜV report, which lists type-specific vehicle defects in detail and is thus an important guide when buying a used car, is available at every TÜV NORD station and in newsagents. It costs €5.40.

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