Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

A car is much more than a meansMotion, especially for the driver and owner. Actually, the car has long been the subject of the image that brags and in which, say, you can live. And sometimes literally when it comes to truckers – days can drag on to weeks, and all the time passes in the cabin of the truck.


This car began its history after 1957, so even in the days of the USSR.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

Before this time, the plant in Minsk produced a model under the marking of 200, but everything becomes obsolete. This sad fate does not bypass the cars.

As a rule, these trucks were producedtwelve years, which is quite a lot. And already on Russian roads you can find such cars. Like many others, trucks in the Soviet Union were conscience-based, but not always for people. But more about this later.

Design features

First of all, it should be noted that this truckwas the first beskapotnoy model, released in the USSR. Progress at that time was slow enough, although in Europe and the United States such a layout was already routine, not a novelty.

Of the advantages of this design, if the cabin exactly located above the engine, you can see a significant increase in the load area. For such cars this feature was almost a key. And here there was a change of literally an order of magnitude – only two tons. This was a major breakthrough of the automobile plant in Minsk.

It must also be said that such a designallows to significantly reduce the overall weight and dimensions of the machine. Besides, it became easier to operate such a car. This was also influenced by increased comfort for the driver – more modern shock absorbers and springs, new seats. All this played only for the new model.

Tuning – what is it?

Tuning means in any form changevehicle. There are several types. First of all, drivers make an internal improvement, digging inside the car. As a result, they are trying to achieve other indicators on the road (usually higher). This is usually used either for old cars or for cars that are not very strong in this respect to begin with.

There is also an external component. All kinds of moldings, spoilers, bumpers and others like them.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

In general, the technical characteristics of the machineare concerned, but only indirectly. In fact, this is done only to improve the appearance, depending on the taste of the owner. For the same use of color, vinyl stickers, etc.

Is it possible to improve trucks?

In fact, this is a completely different issue.Basically, because the power and the overall layout of the internal parts (ie the engine mechanism and other fillings) are smoothed directly in the factory. Here to change – just to pamper. But sometimes there are enthusiasts who manage to push the engine and everything else from a more modern car into the old model. All this is done in the manner of a personal experiment. Has virtually no practical application.

Tuning MAZ, in turn, as well as all otherTrucks, will focus on a few other things. For example, to increase the comfort of the driver while driving. Or simply to bring the machine itself to a divine state. Considering the years the problem has been solved, it is also impossible to discard such an option.

Tuning trucks VTR

Here, everything is a little more complicated than for other trucks. The fact is that the details of the machine are simply no longer produced. Because it is up to you, something only "by eye" and choose yourself. Of course, this is fraught with some inconvenience.

Especially this disproportion of differentgears among themselves. 40 years have passed and the MAZ tuning is more of a cosmetic repair than anything else. However, there is no need to reject other options.

Problems with the purchase

You should know that the purchase of cargocar, produced before your birth, is quite a risky business. The fact is that tuning VTR – this is the smallest of your problem, if you still decide to buy.

The main thing is to bring the car into working condition.Of course, then all did it on a conscience basis, but even the metal eventually turns to dust. Therefore, pay attention to the safety measures before you give your hard-earned money. Carefully examine the selected car, sit in it and evaluate the overall condition of the cabin. On truck MAZ tuning of the cabin, by the way, the most common part of the changes.

It also does not hurt to drive such a truck at least once.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

Voice with the owner on this very real. If the rejection is not motivated by anything, then this is not the best sign for you.

What needs to be changed?

It is clear that the improvement of the car, themore such an overgrown thing, is a long enough affair. But with what you need to do the MAZ cabin with your own hands, so this is from checking the sources of amortization of the cabin and seats installed inside.

Such a choice is fully justified, especially ifConsider that the shock absorbers have a large load when the truck is running. Because they can be worse than the machine itself. In fact, you will be hampered not only by replacement, but also additional springs.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

The design allows such a VTR tuning.

In the case of an armchair everything is very simple.There may be many problems at the same time. Firstly, sheets in springs can be broken – they must be replaced. Also you need to install new rollers for the movement of the chair. They just break especially often. Even in the first years of work. Also, don't be too lazy to check the shock absorbers, because if they are broken, it will be very unpleasant to drive.

MAZ-5440: Tuning

For this modification of the car, in the same way,As for the previous model, there are some problems with the temperature in the cabin. The point here is the design of the oven. These are just two radiators connected to a motor and even fed in series.

Given the size of the cabin, it is understandable that the task of the furnace can not be managed. But to remove it is quite simple, and at least for thatengineers can be thanked. For replacement, the ovens from other similar trucks are perfect. For example, the heater from the KamAZ stand will perfectly perform its task.

In addition, to enhance the effect you need orChange the rear and side windows to make them more airtight, or just close them with some dense material. The last is the advice of a current owner of such a car, and there is no reason not to believe it.

All these manipulations in general will give you the opportunitywithout fur coat, even in harsh conditions in the north. Of course, it will not be very warm in the cabin, it is worth remembering that this MAZ-500. Setting the cabin of this configuration allows at least normal work without paying attention to the temperature outside the window.

A few useful little things

First of all, I would like to make an observationNonsense in design, as a rear view mirror. More precisely, the point in their mounts – at a sufficiently high speed or uneven road creates the feeling that there are no screws at all.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

Everything is solved quite simply – by replacing the mirrors themselves, as other fasteners also do not guarantee reliability.

If you plan to use your truckAs a tractor, you should know that more powerful engines (z. B. Yamz 238) need more space. Therefore, it is necessary to change the structure as a whole a little bit, so that everything fits.

Also keep in mind that the shelf in the cabin is not very comfortable.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

To use the cabin with all possible comfort, and for long-haul flights this is especially important, it is best to lower it below. It will take a Bulgarian and a welding machine plus experience in the use of these devices.


It should be noted that matching MAZ with their own hands is quite a problem.

Tuning vtr with your own hands. Maz

Remember that all your actions should ultimately enhance the user experience. When everything is done for more power or appearance, it almost never pays off.

When it comes to changes in design, it is not worth hurrying. If you are not sure whether everything is in order, contact a specialist at the auto repair shop. Otherwise, this may not lead to the most pleasant consequences. Also look at examples of other ways to make improvements (photo is in our article).

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