Tuning is much more than just screwing on the car

Tuning is much more than just screwing on the car

For some, it's just noise and horsepower – for others, it's simply the most beautiful hobby in the world: car tuning is a divisive issue.

For some, it's just noise and horsepower – for others, it's simply the most beautiful hobby in the world: car tuning is a divisive issue.

But what exactly drives the people who meet on the so-called "Car Friday" also in Hessian cities such as Limburg, Fulda and Frankfurt to hundreds with their pimped cars?

Online editor Michael Forst asked members of STEGUM about their fascination – one of the best-known car tuning groups in the scene in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Who is behind your group? We are about 40 guys and gals, all driving very, very nice cars. Meanwhile we are not only the group behind the cars, but have made real friendships within the group, which is also very important. Over Easter, hundreds of tuning fans meet in several places in Hesse alone. Are you also involved? The last 5 years I was on Car Friday, last year on "Car Saturday" always with in Limburg. This year but no longer…

For which reason? Because it's not what it used to be. So the Carsamstag is planned by other organizers, who also takes a lump sum of entrance fee. In a public place… Therefore it will drive us – on CarFriday – to the Nürburgring. What exactly attracts you to pimped and souped-up cars?? It is the variety. The individuality. What work you put into your vehicle. When everything is ready at the beginning of the new season, you sit down in the car and take a deep breath – that's a moment when you can be extremely proud of yourself. The moment when you realize whether you have assembled all the parts correctly – or not. What exactly can tuning mean? For many of our group tuning means not only screwing on the car. There is much more behind this than is apparent to outsiders. In our group, the fascination with cars has created real friendships that go far beyond tuning. We complement each other personally, not only about the hobby. How do such meetings run? One exchanges itself together over topics approximately around the car, over technical questions. And about many private things. Further joint rides are also planned at meetings. We are not only interested in presenting our cars, but also in establishing contacts with other groups and exchanging ideas with each other. How intensively do you practice tuning as a hobby? That has a quite high value with me. But every tuner interprets it differently. The main thing is that I like my car and I enjoy driving it. There are some who build their car in such a way that driving on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring is guaranteed for the driver. Through various struts, stronger brakes, etc. Should the car protect the driver in case of a crash. Of course, this has the highest priority. Is there the typical tuner fan? No, there is not. Because everyone has a different taste. One likes it colorful, the other deep and others again very decent. How great is the temptation to violate the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (STVZO) in tuning? Not at all large, because by conversions, which are not STVZO-conformal, the insurance protection expires. I do not need that. How expensive is the car tuning as a hobby – can it really go into the money? Again, you have to differentiate: There are tuners who attach importance to high-quality tuning parts – such as racing suspensions, racing brake systems, engine conversions and so on. Others give themselves with foliations. Chassis springs satisfied. Expensive is not only the purchase of the parts; entries. Entertainment go at least as much into the money.

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It used to be normal to put stickers on your car or to mount a set of lowering springs and rally headlights. "Volkstuning" so to speak. Why has this changed? It has not at all. This is also still done today on a grand scale. In our group actually every member has a sticker on the rear window, windshield or side window to show that he belongs to the group. Tuning is not everyone's cup of tea: If neighbors are annoyed by roaring engines or are upset about the size of spoilers or tailpipes – to what extent does the tuning fan also have some fun in provocation or desire to attract attention?? Of course, as a tuning fan, you enjoy it yourself when the exhaust "bubbles" when the speed is reduced. But it should still remain in the framework, so that no one feels bothered by it. The one collects garden gnomes, the other has an expensive stereo in his home. Anyone who gets upset when a car is a bit louder than a standard vehicle also gets upset about small children screaming in playgrounds or about a dog just because it barks on its first lap in the morning.

They wish for more tolerance?

Clear. It is always about live and let live. Whereas we as a group clearly distance ourselves from misbehavior in traffic like Launchcontrol (

Accelerate from a standstill with over 4000 revolutions, Anm. D. Red.

) and burnouts (

Spin the tires, Anm. D. Red.


To what extent has the tuning scene changed?? Certainly, due to the latest (An uninvolved motorist was killed in an illegal race through the city, Anm. D. Red. Fronts between ordinary citizens. Tuner – in this case rightly. I am not a fan of illegal car racing, no matter where. Those who want to race can do so on a racetrack like the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring as part of the tourist drives. What else has changed? In the community of "tuners" there is no cohesion anymore. It has developed more to the Gegeneinander instead of togetherness. What was the biggest tuning sin you have ever seen?. Tinkered vehicles, where only one look is enough to recognize that the owner has not made any effort with his changes. What would be a still unfulfilled tuning dream for you? With the boys together on a well-known meeting like with the "Wörther lake" the vehicles to exhibit. I would also like to see more cohesion in the scene instead of talking about each other. The so-called Car Friday has become firmly established in the scene. Why of all this date, which is forbidden according to Hessian holiday law for such events yes? I do not necessarily see it that way. There is just as much meeting on other days. However, maybe it is because the season from 1. April already starts with the last registered cars. Traffic obstructions, noise and illegal car racing: Why do tuning enthusiasts get into trouble with the police time and time again? Because here, too, there are always people who have to step out of line. A tuner, which converted its car even from series to the today's conditions, knows, which he put there for work and money purely. These are the people who distance themselves from such illegal activities. Why does that not seem to arrive however in the public perception? Because the normal citizen unfortunately often thinks only with blinkers and immediately all Tuner over a lump shears. There is no distinction between chav behavior and car fanatics. It is amazingly often to see that just a lot of novice drivers want to prove themselves to some other tuners. How do you deal with black sheep? In our group it is pointed out quite clearly with a misbehavior on it. If someone violates it again, he will be excluded from the group.

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