Trek to yomi all locations of chapter 3 artifacts

Trek to yomi all locations of chapter 3 artifacts

This guide below describes the 10 artifacts of the third chapter of Trek to Yomi.

All artifact locations from Trek to Yomi, Chapter 3
The first collectible, the swordsman's hammer, is hard to miss. Along the critical path at the beginning of the chapter, you'll notice an object resting against a prop. It is located near the prop to your left, just before the burning building that you must climb over to break the blockade.

After fighting the first wave of enemies in this chapter in the destroyed village, just before a screen transition, descend a large staircase with a shrine on one wall. On the next screen, there is a group of enemies on a wooden jetty/bridge. Eliminate them and then enter the building at the end of the bridge. The dove is sitting on the dresser in the first room.

After fighting your first type of bow-wielding enemy, you'll be confronted with a hail of arrows raining down on you. Take cover at various points on the road to avoid damage when the arrows land. After this uncertain path, you will find a shrine at a fork in the road. Take the left path that leads to an NPC mourning a corpse on the ground. Behind the crying civilian, a Magatama bead is placed on the ground.

After grabbing the magatama bead, you can drop from a ledge that extends outward on the right side of the screen. After falling on the main road, go back until you reach a torch implanted in a pool of blood with a corpse. Stop here and then turn towards the camera where you can see the beginning of a wooden walkway. The Fujin footprint is at the end of this path, behind the NPC who is ducking in fear.

A little further down the main road you will encounter a group of enemies on a screen whose foreground is largely dominated by a meadow with a fire in the background towards the middle of the screen. Just past this screen, you'll descend a steep hill that leads to a shrine and a fork in the road. Instead of turning right, go left through the arch. The fishing rod is in the foreground, near the entrance to the screen. If you are within interaction range of the NPC, you have gone too far.

After crossing the field of enemies attacking you on horseback, you will come across the path leading to the village in the first chapter of Trek to Yomi. The entrance is exposed, the village largely destroyed. Instead of entering the village immediately, follow the path to the right along the gate wall. You can pick up the ugajin at the end of this path. He looks like a life-sized person leaning against the wall.

Once you get to the village, you will pass a shrine and fight some enemies. After taking out all the enemies, climb up a ledge and walk through a destroyed building that is completely exposed, with only small pieces of its structural supports still standing. Immediately after you leave this building, you will find the bronze mirror on the ground in front of what looks like a series of crates or an overturned cart. It is on your left after you leave the building instead of following the critical path.

After fighting a single spear-wielding enemy, you will unlock the roll attack ability. The critical path is to go through the building behind which this fight took place. Ignore the ladder for now. Enter the room to your right. The open door is largely obscured by an object in the foreground. The inarizushi is in this room on the table next to the lamp.

At the bottom of the stairs you came down, there is an injured NPC. Talking to him does not bring much. Taking the path to the left above the waist-high wall is the key to progressing in the story. After overcoming this obstacle, climb the steep hill until you reach its top. Since you can only go to the right, go to the right. The Lunar Flask is placed against the burning crates in front of the cart with rice or sand bags. You could have also entered through an arch to your right before reaching the top of the hill. If you climb up the ladder after this, you will also get directly to the moon bottle.

Towards the end of the third chapter, you fight four enemies in the quartermaster building from the first chapter, including one carrying a spear. You will know you are in the right place because there is a shrine outside just before you enter it. After you eliminate this wave of enemies, the rice bowl is very hard to miss. Continue past the building and the bowl of rice is on a table wedged between two market stalls.

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