Transporting fitness equipment, sports equipment safely by car

Keep in mind that the standard pickup is 1-2 business days.


Delivery is usually 1-2 business days after pickup. You will be informed in advance by phone.

Transporting fitness equipment, sports equipment safely by car


Each shipment is insured against loss free of charge. You can additionally insure the shipment against damage in transit or hidden damage.

Inform yourself about the respective conditions in advance with the appropriate shipping company. For transporting your fitness-. Sports equipment you can also hire a moving company. The equipment is professionally packed with suitable packaging. Secured against damage by proper transport. As a rule, all removal goods are insured against loss or damage free of charge. Find out about it from the appropriate moving company.

If the insurance for moving the transport of fitness equipment is not included in the offer, of course, you can buy additional insurance.

How to transport sports equipment safely by car

How is it cheaper: to sell fitness and sports equipment before the move, or to take it with you? If you are organizing a move on your own, it is better to take them with you. How to save money and time to look for and buy sports equipment at the new place of residence.

How to safely transport bicycles on the roof or at the rear?

Bicycles do not necessarily have to be transported on the roof. It is better to get a bike rack, which you must attach to the rear of the car. You will need a trailer hitch, which can be used as a basis for attaching the bikes. This is how you can easily set up the bikes.

Transporting fitness equipment, sports equipment safely by car

Particularities with e-bikes

More and more bike lovers are opting for an e-bike, which can often cause problems during transport by car. The electrical components of the e-bikes are heavy and can exceed the permissible weight limitExceed the roof load, especially when transporting multiple bikes.

In this case you will need to use a bike carrier, which you will need to attach to the rear of the vehicle. Pay attention, however, to the permissible total weight of the car, especially if there are other moving boxes with it.

Safely transporting sports equipment for the water

If you have canoes or surfboards, you will need to transport them via the roof rack. Water sports equipment can be attached to the roof rails. You are a winter sports enthusiast. Have expensive winter sports equipment. You organize your move on your own. Want to transport the equipment yourself. Here you get some tips on how to safely transport your skis or snowboard during the move or on vacation.

Transport on the car roof

Transporting fitness equipment, sports equipment safely by car

It would be best to mount your skis and snowboard on the roof of your car. But then you should not drive faster than 130 km/h.

The classic roof boxes are very useful in this case, because you can store not only skis and snowboard, but also poles, boots and other luggage. It is very important that you secure your skis or snowboard additionally. Before you buy a roof box for your car, find out if the appropriate model fits your car.

Another option for transporting your sports equipment would be to buy a magnetic ski rack. If you have a magnetic ski rack, you should definitely pack your sports equipment in ski bags. Better mount your skis on the carrier with the ski tips facing backwards.

Transportation of winter sports equipment inside the car

Do not transport your sports equipment on the back seat or long between the front seats, because the car occupants could be seriously injured in an accident.

You need to pack skis and snowboard in ski bags. If you have a station wagon, you have the option of transporting the sports equipment in the trunk.

We hope our ideas will help you smoothly transport your sports equipment. If you have already transported your sports equipment during a move and have any further tips and tricks on the subject, we look forward to hearing about your experience. Please share your suggestions with us.

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