Touratech gmbh onlineshop for motorcycle accessories

Uncompromisingly designed for tough use, the new Extreme Edition adds to Touratech's waterproof soft luggage range. Indestructible and distinctively styled, the new bags are faithful companions for travel adventurers seeking real adventure.
Getting the throttle right on a steep climb, picking the right trail in a ford, laying the perfect line around boulders and washouts on a single trail – adventure bikers know that staying focused on the essentials is critical to the success of their challenging endeavors. This is as true for a weekend off-road adventure as it is for circumnavigating the globe. Off the pavement, situations can lurk around every bend, behind every crest, requiring clear action and perfect preparation. Indecision, compromise and laissez-faire lead to failure sooner or later. This clear focus doesn't just apply to motivating the rider, it's equally imperative when designing gear for adventure touring. That's where the contents can't get wet, even if a bag is submerged for a while if you fall in a creek. Fasteners and uppers must not tear, even if there is rugged contact with brush or rocks. And last but not least, the handling must be so simple that the required equipment is quickly at hand, even in tricky situations.

Touratech gmbh onlineshop for motorcycle accessories

Focused on the essentials – this is how the soft luggage units of the new Extreme Edition line present themselves. "On these products, you'll only find elements that also have a clearly defined use," explains Product Manager Dan Prume. Thanks to this classic form-follows-function approach, the new soft bags have a striking technical style. Because functions, to which visible attributes correspond, have these parts for hard operations any quantity. And the new products' solid impression starts with their feel. The extremely technical surface not only feels robust, it also stands for exceptional strength and durability. All EXTREME Edition luggage is made from a three-layer laminate that combines waterproofing with abrasion and tear resistance and also gives the products the necessary rigidity.

The textile material is stitched robustly, all seams are carefully sealed. The high-quality zippers have cleanly closing sealing lips, so that even in heavy downpours no water penetrates into the interior. Fastening is as easy as it is secure across all models – even in the toughest off-road conditions. Another advantage: Compared to rigid luggage solutions, the risk of injury in case of a fall is massively reduced. The interior of all EXTREME Edition luggage is bright yellow. Sure, yellow is the Touratech color. But again, no design element without function. The bright contrasting color makes it much easier to find smaller items than in a "black hole". With the highly functional luggage of the EXTREME edition, adventure bikers get the perfect material for adventures where the going gets tough.

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