Top 3 best offline open world games

Top 3 best offline open world games

No question, to create a top 3 of the best offline open world games, you almost have to be ready for criticism. After all, there are now hundreds of games that all bring their own characteristics and inspire their own fan base.

So before you start ranting about why your favorite game isn't on this list, let me say that this is, of course, only a very subjective selection. Tastes differ and some players prefer to play online slot machines and are happy to play Faust for free.

Our Top 3 of the best offline open world games is not so much about the pros and cons of each game, but rather to present the Top 3 of the most popular games that have both been at the top of the sales charts for a very long time and reflect the most important features of an open world. This includes a sophisticated world that is both appealing in design and offers the most exciting gameplay options. But also an interesting, imaginative and believable story that lets the heroine or hero travel through this world.

So here are our top 3 offline open world games that did everything right.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo is the publisher of this offline open world game for Playstation 4, the first version of which was released back in 1986. This game opens up a world inspired by anime. The story revolves around Princess Zelda and Link, the hero of the story. Faust wakes up from a long sleep in the beginning and is given a mission by a deceased king as a ghost to save Princess Zelda and his kingdom of Hyrule.

On the way to free Princess Zelda from the enemy Ganon, Link learns useful skills that will help him in the fight for the final victory. As you know it from other open world games, there is little path given here to leave room for exploring the world. Here you can collect, fight, unravel and even fly.

The world itself presents itself as an idyll with fantasy elements, based on Japanese landscapes, but with some dark corners. As created for players who want to switch off a bit.

Red Dead Redemption

One of the best-selling open world games of all time is without a doubt Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games. The plot of this game takes place in 1911 in the so-called Wild West. With that said, the look of the game is already set. Here you will see cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws of the fictional frontier area between today's U.S.-Mexico border. In between is the hero, John Marston, who is a survivor of a bandit gang out for revenge.

This game is especially for those who love the world of the Wild West and are looking for a realistic combat experience. This is also the claim of the creators, who put great emphasis on detail and authenticity, but at the same time offer a hollywood-ready story with many turning points, which has made this game so exciting for many players for years.

Grand Theft Auto V

The third game in our top 3 has to be Grand Theft Auto, also from Rockstar Games. The reason for this is not so much that it is one of the oldest and best-selling games, but that it presents a unique world that is less about fighting and more about surviving as a morally ambiguous anti-hero. Because in this game, you take the position of a criminal whose missions consist of car thefts, assassinations and courier runs, but who also has an elaborate backstory of his own to boot.

Grand Theft Auto V presents a fictional American state of today, San Andreas, including encounters with a great white shark in the sea and plants with intoxicating effects. A fast-paced tour de force with an almost infinite number of stops, twists and details.

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