Tools to get you started like a pro

Tools to get you started like a pro

Packin advance you start packing, look at what you are taking with you. Here's how to predict how many packing materials you will need. Below you will find a chained chained list of these most common necessities z. Hd. Most moving companies.

– boxes – tape – protective cover – ties – mattress covers – box cutter – packing paper – box marker – padlock

Penske removal kits open up an easier problem removal z. Hd. The props of individual moving materials. Same kits open which even always, which you need depending on the size of your moving truck.

The Plan Your Move resource from Penske is a helpful tool that will help you pace z. Hd. Walking speed through the planning phases of your move leads.

Props of a truck

Finding the right truck size depends on how much you need to put in motion. The moving experts at Penske after draw the following recommendations:

– High-roof van – As long as one room – 12-square-flat truck – One as long as two rooms – 16-square-flat truck – Two as long as three rooms – 22-square-flat truck – Three as long as four rooms – 26-square-flat truck – Five as long as seven rooms

Try the Penske Truck Wizard to take the guesswork out of finding the right truck for your needs. This tool recommends the right truck size based on a custom checklist of all the items you're putting in motion.

You after pull still questions? Which Penske customer service can give you recommendations that will save you a lot of headaches. Call 1-888-996-5415 for experienced insights that can greatly simplify your moving process.

Finding the right hardware

After which is even always packed and your truck is selected, you qua next are to find out, which tools help you residentially in connection with your move the most.

Sack sled – Hand trucks can transport several boxes synchronously and help to move heavy objects with less effort. Each sack truck has a stair climber so that putting heavy objects up stairs is less stressful.

Furniture pads – Same protect your furniture from damage and soiling. They are suitable besides… For packing large fragile objects. The number of these pads needed depends on this size of your rental vehicle.

Penske moving experts recommend the following:

– 12-square latte truck – 12 pads – 16 ft. Truck – 12 pads – 22-square-flat truck – 24-36 pads – 26-square-flat truck – 36-48 pads

Towing equipment – In some cases, a tow truck may be the only way to acquire your passenger vehicle to your new home. Penske offers tow trucks and car carriers, now if you are unsure which one you require, this guide can help.

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