To be admitted to the master craftsman examination

The profession of stonemason or stone sculptor is often said not to have a promising future. Still, there are many journeymen who complete a masonry apprenticeship and then open their own business. Stonemasons and stone sculptors are in demand, especially at the regional level. They process stone into floor slabs, gravestones, stairs or window frames and can successfully compete in the market with their expertise and skills.

To be admitted to the master craftsman examination

Prospects after training

If you haven't found a suitable job after completing your stonemasonry apprenticeship, or if you're looking to open your own business, you can take a master stonemason apprenticeship program. In addition to attending a master school, you have the option of continuing your education to become a technician specializing in stone technology or to pursue a degree in civil engineering or architecture.

Stonemasons who want to start their own business in the long run decide to go first and become a master stonemason or master sculptor. As the trade is subject to licensing, the master craftsman's examination is required before self-employment.

Become a master stonemason

The prerequisite for acquiring the title of master craftsman is a successfully completed journeyman's examination as a stonemason or stone sculptor.

The master craftsman examination

The master craftsman's examination itself is divided into a practical and a theoretical part. In addition, the examination of business management and occupation and work-pedagogical knowledge is necessary. It is taken in front of the responsible chamber of handicrafts.

The master craftsman's examination at a glance:

Part I – Practical examination: The examinee must implement his master craftsman examination project, present it in a technical discussion and complete a situational task.

Part II – Theoretical examination: The examinee is tested in writing in the following areas: Natural stone technology and design, order processing and business management

Part III – Examination of business, commercial and legal knowledge: The examinee is tested in writing in the following areas: Assessment of the competitiveness of companies, start-up and takeover activities, corporate strategy

Part IV – Examination of vocational and work pedagogical knowledge: The examinee is tested in writing in the following areas: Examination of training prerequisites, planning, preparation, implementation and completion of training courses

The master school

In order to be admitted to the master craftsman's examination, prior vocational training must be provided. Attendance at a master stonemasonry school is not mandatory. Nevertheless, the majority of prospective master craftsmen choose to take a preparatory course.

In a master craftsman course, the necessary learning material is systematically taught and trained. The instructors are available to answer questions. Comprehension problems available. In addition, most participants appreciate the fellowship among the examinees. You can form study groups, get advice and opinions, for example, about your own master's examination project.

Duration and cost of training

The duration of the master craftsman preparation depends on the chosen course model. Those who complete their training on a part-time basis must ca. Plan for one to a maximum of two years. A full-time training course is correspondingly shorter (about 6 months).

For the participation in a preparatory course fees are incurred. These are depending on the educational institution. Course model varies. As a rule, however, several thousand euros have to be budgeted for a master stonemason training course. In order to finance the further training, course participants can take up the master BAföG as promotion.

In order to find a suitable master school, you should compare several course providers. With Fortbildung24 you have the possibility to find the suitable master course for stonemasons or sculptors quite simply online.

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