Tips for the long car ride relaxed in the vacation

The car is the number one means of transport when Germans go on vacation. However, a trip to Spain, the south of France or Sicily has it all: over 1.000 kilometers of driving are not uncommon and require concentration as well as good preparation. With our tips you will succeed the long car ride quite relaxed -. The vacation begins already on the way!

What should you take with you on a long car trip?

If you are going on vacation by car, you should make a few preparations before your trip. Take already before departure your navigation device to go through the route planning. Ideally, you should compare the route planning of your navigation system with the data provided by the well-known online route planners. Because not always the Navi is on the newest conditions, straight which concerns foreign routes. Also check the wear and tear-. Consumption parts on the motor vehicle: Is the tire pressure high enough?? How much tire tread is left? Is the first-aid kit usable. The high-visibility vest packed? On a long car trip, you should also make sure you have a good. Pay attention to powerful insurance coverage in the EU foreign countries. For example, with Verti's car insurance policy, you receive comprehensive security in the event of accidents and breakdowns in Europe and Germany.

Travel provisions: nutrition tips for the long car journey

It is best to prepare the travel provisions the day before departure, so that the morning can begin well rested, on time and as planned. Both when preparing provisions for your long trip and for meals on the road, you should focus on certain foods to stay focused and fit longer. Remember to bring enough drinks: still mineral water, tea and fruit juices are ideal for keeping your body hydrated. Coffee and energy drinks, on the other hand, are a double-edged sword: if it's the last hour of driving before the destination or before an overnight stop, the stimulant effect can be quite useful for the last part of the journey. However, if you still have several hours ahead of you, it is not advisable to use the wake-up drugs: The effect of the caffeine wears off quickly – and the subsequent drop in performance becomes all the more noticeable. Greasy meals and fast food are also heavy on the stomach and make you tired, so you should rather reach for a fresh salad at the freeway rest stop. During the ride, whole-grain crackers, fruit bars and especially fruit make tasty snacks.

What you should keep in mind to stay fit and awake longer in your car

A big challenge on a long car trip is to maintain concentration. The following tips will help you keep all your senses on the road:

– You drive better with music: the radio or a private playlist with your favorite songs help you stay awake and focused on long car trips. However, you should refrain from listening to loud music and exciting radio plays, which demand a lot of your attention and distract you from the traffic.
– Regular breaks are important. About every two hours or. Every 200 kilometers, you should take a break of approx. Put in 20 minutes. If you drive early in the morning or late into the night, allow yourself a longer lunch or dinner break.

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