Tips and tricks around the paint

Tips and tricks for the paintwork.

After painting

After a paint job, you should only wash your vehicle with clear water. As long as the paint is new, you should avoid additives. We also strongly advise against polishing and preserving with wax and similar products.

Car wash in sunshine

Nice weather is pleasant, but you should avoid washing your vehicle in blazing sunshine. The heat makes the water evaporate very quickly. The consequence is: unsightly stains form on the paint, which are very difficult to remove, and the more lime the water contains, the more difficult it is to remove them. Therefore, you should also let a warm hood cool down first. Also note that cold water on hot sheet metal can cause stresses and possibly damage the paintwork. Can lead to hairline cracks in the paint.

Car wash in the cold season

Winter is particularly hard on your car's paint, with the cold making it absolutely "cold" leaves. It is the road salt that damages the paintwork. The watchword in winter can therefore only be: wash your vehicle as often as possible, because only then can you prevent damage to the paintwork. Regular underbody washing is highly recommended in winter. A varnish preservative protects the micropores of the varnish from the penetration of dirt and road salt.

Washing your own car

If you wash your car yourself, it is best to do it with a hose and a brush! This washes away the dirt from the paint. Can be the least abrasive. You damage the paintwork particularly badly if you take the wash water from a bucket and always use the same dirty sponge. If you then press on firmly, you might as well use sandpaper… If you can't do it without a bucket, at least use two buckets! From one you get the wash water, in the other you rinse out the sponge. Important: Always renew the water.
Our tip: You damage the paint especially badly if you take the wash water from a bucket and use the same dirty sponge over and over again. If you then also press on firmly, you can also use sandpaper. But if you can't do it without a bucket, then at least take two buckets! Take the wash water out of one and rinse the sponge out of the other. Important: Always renew the water.

General tips on car washing

Even if the washing-up liquid bottle is within reach in front of you: don't take it with you when you wash your car! Washing and dishwashing detergents from the kitchen and bathroom can damage the paintwork. It is better to use proven special products. A tip for drying: best with normal chamois leather. Unfold, "slap" on the paint, pull away sideways, squeeze out, that's how it's done.

Polishing agents and polishing wheels

Polishing wheels, which are available as accessories for drilling machines, are quite convenient. Unfortunately, they have the disadvantage that they sometimes do not treat the paint very gently. Likewise is from too extensive. Frequent use of polish is not advisable. The protective varnish film is removed very quickly with it. If you would like to do something good to the outer beautiful appearance of your car, give your vehicle to the specialist with us to the "make-up".

A word on value retention

Take a particularly close look at the areas on the vehicle that are most at risk of damage. Inspect the front of the car for stone chip damage and take a look at the sills and wheel arch edges. If you are interested in maintaining the value of your vehicle, come to us occasionally for paint diagnosis.

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