Tips and tricks about trailer hitches

Tips and tricks about trailer hitches

Tips and tricks about trailer hitches

Which trailer hitch fits my car?

There are as many different trailer hitches (AHK) as there are car models. To find out which towbars fit your vehicle, use our search engine on the home page. There you enter your car (make, model, year). In the following you will only find trailer couplings or. Only accessory components are displayed that are compatible with your car. Caution: If you look for the year of manufacture in your vehicle registration document, you may read "date of first registration". This is not the year of manufacture.

What trailer hitches are available?

There are three types of trailer hitches: Rigid, detachable and swivel. The rigid trailer hitch is the most common and cheapest variant. A rigid trailer hitch can be found for almost any type of vehicle. If neither a detachable nor a swiveling AHK is shown for your car, then it may be that no AHK of this type exists for this car model. In rare cases, for example with some sports cars, a car cannot be retrofitted with a trailer hitch. In this case no AHK will be displayed.

Which trailer hitch fits my trailer?

Any of the three trailer hitch types (rigid/swivel/removable) can be used with any type of trailer, whether a caravan or transport trailer. However, it is important that the maximum towing capacity is observed: It specifies the maximum weight of a trailer including the load. For how many kilograms the trailer hitch is approved, read the product description – just click on the information icon "view". Match the specification with the weight of your trailer. You are also advised to check your vehicle documents to find out what the maximum towing capacity of your car is.

Can I also buy a used trailer hitch?

From the purchase of a used trailer hitch we advise against in principle. The difficulty in finding the right used trailer hitch lies in the required accessories. Only if the used trailer hitch is complete, comes with the correct electrical kit and is compatible with your car, is it worth buying used. Because if anything is wrong or missing after the purchase, these parts have to be bought again. This is complicated, expensive and sometimes not possible at all. In the end, buying used can become a complicated and expensive affair. It is better to choose the right new trailer hitch directly. In addition, you then enjoy a warranty.

Does the retrofitted towbar have a disadvantage compared to the original one?

No. The retrofitted trailer couplings have the same quality as the original ones that were already purchased from the factory. Only an expert can tell the difference. With many car brands you have no other option than to install the trailer hitch afterwards. Especially Japanese or French car manufacturers offer the trailer hitch only as an accessory, which is mounted at the respective authorized dealer. The installation directly at the production of the car, on the other hand, is not offered. Your advantage when retrofitting with a trailer hitch is the greater choice. If you order the trailer hitch from the factory, you are not free to choose it and must take the technical data as given.

Who will install the trailer hitch for me?

Fitting a trailer hitch is not a difficult task. Anyone with handyman experience can do it themselves and save a lot of money. In the same way, any car mechanic will be able to fit the trailer hitch for you. However, there are garages that charge disproportionately high prices for the installation if you bring the trailer hitch yourself and have not bought it in the garage. For your safety, always negotiate the package price beforehand. Compare the installation price with other workshops. Installation prices, which range from 200 to 300 euros, are fair and not set too high. But you should not pay more than that. You can also use the mounting service of Bertelshofer.

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