The shortest rental period is 48 hours

The shortest rental period is 48 hours

The shortest period is 48 hours. In case of delays in delivery, 1/3 of the daily price will be charged for each additional hour of delay. In case of a delay of more than 2 hours, a full daily fee is charged.

LONG TERM RENTALS The minimum rental period for long term rentals is 30 days. Special price will be applied. For information about rental rates and conditions, call the Berlin Car Rental Center at +90 232 337 12 30 or the nearest car rental office in Berlin.

ONE WAY CHARGE If the vehicle is delivered in a city other than the city where the vehicle is delivered, the one way charge will be applied regardless of the rental period. You can call our reservation center or the nearest Berlin car rental office.

VEHICLE DELIVERY – VEHICLE DISPATCH We provide 24 hours uninterrupted service to our international airports in our offices every hour of the day, in other offices in the working hours of vehicle delivery and customer delivery is free of charge. Vehicle deliveries and vehicle releases outside working hours, with the exception of international airports, are free of charge.

SERVICE FEES FOR AIRCRAFT Airport service fees are not charged for rentals from Berlin car rental offices at inter-national airports open 24 hours a day.

DRIVER DOCUMENT – SCOPE OF USE People who are at least 22 years old and have 2 years valid driving license can rent a car.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER Other than the renter, the vehicle can be used by someone else, but it is possible to register the valid ID and driver of the driver according to the driving license and age rules. If there is no other record and the winner has been found by the unregistered driver, the insurance is null and void.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE – NOT SPECIAL PROPERTIES Prices include unlimited mileage of vehicles, vehicle maintenance costs and vehicle insurance. Fuel, bridges, highway tolls, traffic fines and insurance, one-way trips, vehicle delivery and pick-up fees, baby seat, etc. Are charged as a surcharge for the day of rental

PAYMENT – PAYMENT The payment of the rental fees is made in advance before the delivery of the vehicle. The delivery of vehicles to the customer is made to the empty warehouse and the empty warehouse is returned with the fuel

TRAFFIC CRASH The traffic laws in Turkey are up to 120km on the highways. , 90 km between cities. And 50km in the city. Allow speed When parking, hold the PARKING CALL signs. The jurisdiction of air transport and the legal obligations applied to movements that may result from the violation of traffic laws and the fault of the renter are the property of the renter. After leaving the vehicle, the fines that arrive at the car rental company in Berlin are reflected to the renter and the corresponding amount is collected by the renter in cash or by a contractual partner for bankers from abroad. The time for which the vehicles are occupied for any reason by official or local authorities will be accepted within the contract period.

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