The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

A road trip means freedom! After all, there's nothing better than stopping off at a picturesque village on a vacation in Croatia, depending on your mood, or speeding along the Adriatic to stroll along Split's dream beaches. Webuyacar.At has compiled the ten most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe and calculated the financial outlay and the respective distances by car for you.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Starting point to the most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe is
Vienna Your journey can begin!

1. Rank 10: Bruges, Belgium: The Undiscovered

The Belgian capital of Bruges scores points with visitors for a Rustic old town that has been spared from wars and fires over the centuries. Choose whether you want to explore the city by boat or on foot. Embankments dotted with windmills and canals surround the old town, giving Bruges its typical charm. That is why Bruges is also one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Be sure to visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which is said to hold an ampoule of Christ's blood.

Bruges' municipal museums are also worth a visit, especially the Bruges Museum, which is the collective name for eleven historical museums. A tip for those with a sweet tooth is the chocolate museum. The nightlife offers variety. A variety of options for every taste. Many roads lead to Rome – and some to Bruges: On the way there, you'll drive mostly through Germany or even include the Netherlands in the route. Germany and Belgium are toll-free, although Belgium has a special toll on some bridges and tunnels.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Bruges in numbers

Removal: 1194 kilometers
Duration: 11 hours 34 minutes
Toll 9 Euro Fuel costs 94 euros

2. Rank 9: Tallinn, Estonia: The feverish one

Tallinn is the epitome of contrast. It is on the one hand the beautiful medieval capital with the old castle on the cathedral hill and its visible architectural influences of the Teutonic Order. On the other hand, it is a modern European city. Considered a popular vacation destination. Another peculiar contrast is formed by the massive Soviet concrete structures and the ultra-modern seaport. Tallinn is truly an architecture-inspired, ever-changing city, and at the same time a tranquil beauty.

Rate your car now for free. Fast& simply sell at the highest price! The nightlife is also in keeping with the contradictory spirit: depending on their preferences, visitors can visit cafés in the picturesque old town. Visit bars or else go to one of the exciting clubs in the city center. Those more inclined to leisureliness are invited to relax and stroll along the various beaches, such as the "Pirita" and the promenade.

Tallinn is located on the Gulf of Finland. The road trip leads through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia and ends in the north of the EU, namely in Tallinn. For such a trip a lot of time should be planned, because especially Riga and Vilnius are more than worthwhile for small side trips.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Tallinn in numbers

Distance: 1688 kilometers
Duration: 21 hours 18 minutes
Toll 22 euros Fuel costs 126 Euro

3. Capital of Tuscany takes the visitor's breath away. Makes Florence one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Italy. The European trade-. Financial center of the 15. And 16. Florence invested its wealth in the city itself in the early nineteenth century. Accordingly, the number of buildings worth seeing seems innumerable: the Uffizi from the 16th century, the Palazzo Vecchio, whose construction began in the 13. The most beautiful cathedral in the world is Santa Maria del Fiore, one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

The city is bursting with architectural beauty – hardly a square here is without sculptures or fountains worth seeing! Actually, this wealth of important magnificent buildings is not surprising, since artists and scholars such as Donatello, Botticelli and later Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei lived and worked in Florence. When you have spent the day on the paths of the Renaissance, you can end the day relaxing in a jazz club, bar or theater.

The distance between the cities is long, 816 kilometers, but also picturesque. Thus, among other things, Venice and Bologna are passed. Italy is subject to tolls and these are calculated according to distance and vehicle type.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Florence in numbers

Distance: 816 kilometers
Duration: 8 hours 33 minutes
Toll 37 euros Fuel costs 67 euros

4. 7th place: Berlin, Germany: The nocturnal one

Berlin is German history: Prussia, the founding of the Reich, the imperial era, the Third Reich, the Cold War border and much more – you follow all these traces in Berlin. Culturally, the city offers museums, exhibitions and fairs of international class. Be sure to visit the Museum Island. So far, so well known: But did you know that Berlin the greenest city in Europe Is? Rivers, bridges, parks and lakes, all await your desire to explore – whether by car, bike or boat.

Have you ever been to the Reichstag? No? Let's go, the dome is open for visitors. Berlin is most interesting, however, when the sun has set. The bar and club scene is unmatched and constantly changing – especially the offer of electronic music is outstanding. If you like it a bit quieter, in Berlin many star chefs have opened their restaurants and countless stages, theaters and revues are looking forward to your visit.

So take your time in Berlin, preferably a lot of time – it will be worth it! From Vienna, the 630-kilometer route takes you through the Czech Republic, past Prague and Dresden in Germany. In the latter city it is worth considering making a stop. It is colloquially referred to as the "Florence on the Elbe". There are tolls in the Czech Republic, but they are less than twelve euros.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Florence in numbers

Distance: 630 kilometers
Duration: 7 hours 39 minutes
Toll 22 euros Gasoline costs 50 euro

5. Rank 6: Dubrovnik, Croatia: The soon to be famous

Cliffs, sun and sea sound good? This is exactly what Dubrovnik offers! The city in the south of Croatia is located directly on the Adriatic Sea and is with a little more than 40.The city of Florence, with its population of about 000, can almost be called one of the coziest destinations in Europe. Visitors can enjoy the numerous beaches and lagoons, as well as the clear waters, or take a stroll through the narrow and angular streets of the old town.

There is plenty to see: One highlight is the city wall of Dubrovnik, which is almost two kilometers long and up to six meters wide. The fortification system is in very good condition and includes a perfectly preserved collection of various buildings that bring to life the multifaceted history of the city. The city port should also be seen, as well as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

If parts of the city look familiar to you, then you are probably a fan of the internationally successful TV series "Game of Thrones", which was partly filmed here.

The route from Vienna leads through Slovenia or Hungary, so tolls have to be paid. In Croatia you also have to pay a toll, the route leads past the Adriatic Sea – a beautiful stopover on the long car trip.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Dubrovnik in numbers

Distance: 951 kilometers
Duration: 10 hours
Toll 37 euros Fuel costs 79 Euro

6. Rank 5: Barcelona, Spain: On the move

You are a culturally interested person? The capital of Catalonia is not only an attractive eye-catcher on the Mediterranean, but also sends visitors on a tour across the region's impressive epochs. Enumerating the sights would make light of the variety of things to see. Nevertheless, some key points should be highlighted: Roman ruins, the medieval old town, the Basilica Sagrada Família and the Casa Batlló. Also the museums Fundació Joan Miró. The Museu Picasso is not to be missed.

Nightlife in the metropolis of 1.6 million inhabitants is colorful and diverse – among other things, the Las Ramblas promenade offers plenty of fun and variety. Things are a bit quieter in the district of El Raval. Admittedly: More than 1700 kilometers are not little, even if initially the well-developed and free road network of Germany can be used. The route through Italy. France, however, is subject to tolls.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Barcelona in numbers

Distance: 1747 kilometers
Duration: 17 hours 57 minutes
Toll 76 euros Petrol costs 138 euros

7. Rank 4: Rome, Italy: The Cradle of the West

The distinctive traces left by the Romans in the history of mankind are undeniable. Rome is indeed the most historically exciting city in Europe. The Old Town, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the world famous Trevi Fountain are part of the wealth of magnificent and formative buildings. In addition, countless chapels and churches invite visitors to linger and explore before moving on to Piazza Navona or the remains of an ancient Roman temple.

An ice cream here, an espresso there and after a while you reach the Vatican City with St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Gardens. The nightlife of Rome is colorful, starts late and ends early the next morning. Tip: The restaurants in the Testaccio district. What are 1087 kilometers to see the eternal city? The way to Rome leads through toll Italy. Passing by numerous magnificent cities such as Florence.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Rome in numbers

Distance: 1087 kilometers
Duration: 11 hours
Toll 57 euros Fuel costs 88 euros

8. 3rd place: Prague, Czech Republic: the beautiful city

The Czechs are proud of their capital and rightly so. Probably few cities in Europe have such a picturesque historic center, where you can always discover something new, exciting and beautiful even if you stroll through it repeatedly. Prague is surrounded by two castles: Hradcany in the north and Vyšehrad in the south, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view over Prague and the Vltava river.

The Eiffel Tower is also in Prague! On the Petřín (Laurenziberg) there is a replica of the Parisian landmark, which serves as a lookout point. The tower is surrounded by the funicular railroad and a historical labyrinth of mirrors, in the middle of a recreational area.

Don't miss the St. Vitus Cathedral on the Prague Castle, the historical City Hall and the Wenceslas Square. The famous Charles Bridge is also a European must-see. Prague can be reached from Vienna in just over four hours. Pay attention to the tolls in the Czech Republic!

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Prague in numbers

Distance: 293 kilometers
duration: 4 hours
Toll 22 euros Fuel cost 23 euros

9. Place 2: Krakow, Poland: The medieval

The city in southern Poland was the European Capital of Culture in 2000 – and Krakow could be every year, because the city's cultural life is diverse and exciting. Krakow was to the 16th. Century the capital of Poland and numerous buildings bear witness to that: The Wawel (Royal Castle) above the quietly flowing Vistula River and the magnificent Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and Wenceslas, with its eventful history, is a must-see.

In general, the city reveals a strong connection to faith: Over 100 churches and monasteries are located in the city area. Visit Kazimierz – the old Jewish quarter of the city – pure history awaits you. When you're exhausted from exploring, seek out one of the quaint basement pubs. Or you can visit the 13. Rynek Główny (Main Market), laid out in the 16th century, with an area of about 40.000 square meters, which is framed by palaces and churches worth seeing and is home to great restaurants.

A good idea is to make the 760.000 inhabitants to explore the city by bike – especially the medieval core. Just under 500 kilometers separate Vienna and Krakow. There are two routes, both of which require tolls: One goes through the Czech Republic and one through Slovenia; the vignette costs under 20 euros in both countries. Attention: In Slovenia the vignette obligation is strongly supervised and the penalties are very high. In Poland there is a distance-dependent toll.

The 10 most beautiful vacation destinations in europe

Trip to Krakow in numbers

Distance: 460 kilometers
Duration: 5 hours Toll 30 euros Gasoline costs 57 euros

10. Rank 1: Amsterdam, Netherlands: Always young

The capital of the Netherlands is undoubtedly a magnet for young people. Whether the romantic canals, the world-famous coffee shops or the notorious red light district De Wallen in the city center of Amsterdam have the largest share of this, must remain unanswered here.

The reason for the great popularity among young people is probably the vibrant nightlife of the port city or the varied Rembrandtplein with theaters, cinemas and restaurants. But Amsterdam also has a lot to offer culturally, Westerkerk and Oude Kerk churches, for example, as well as many buildings of the Amsterdam School, an expressionist architectural style.

If you are interested in painting, come to the Van Gogh Museum not passing. A "must-see" is the modern port, which is the sixth largest in Europe and 65.000 people employed. The bad news first: Amsterdam is over 1100 kilometers away from Vienna. The good news is that the route, which runs through Germany, is toll-free, well-maintained and takes you past the banking metropolis of Frankfurt, for example.

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