Tattoos, red buckets and a ghost at the morbach trade show

Tattoos, red buckets and a ghost at the morbach trade show

For the approximately 10,000 visitors to the twelfth Morbach trade show, there was a great package of information, entertainment and lots of trade show gifts in and around the Baldenauhalle over the weekend. There was a wide range of jobs on offer at more than 40 stands, including the Trierischer Volksfreund media house.

Tattoos and bright red buckets
Very much in demand on both days was Martin Schunck from Tattoo Studio Abstract Linework. He had almost continuous clientele. Anne Petry had a gecko pricked, others preferred mountains and palm trees. The company has been around for a good year and a half. So it was time for the young entrepreneur to show the people of Morbach "the face to the name as well," he said when asked why he participates in the regional fair. The reasons of the exhibitors for the participation are varied. Some – like Café and Kino Heimat – wanted to use the opportunity to become even better known, said Doris Beyer. Ludwig Schuh from the Möbel Schuh company, which will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in two years, on the other hand, handed out plenty of bright red buckets and referred to the open sales Sunday taking place at his company at the same time.

At the Sparkasse Mittelmosel Eifel Mosel Hunsrück, Nora Horn provided information about the new construction project "Special Living in the Morbach Center" on Bernkasteler Straße and Gerberweg, while at the VR-Bank Hunsrück-Mosel everything revolved around sustainable financial investments. Car dealers showed their new models. At the booth of the media house Trierischer Volksfreund there was an allowance for the household budget, if one estimated the quantity of ducks in a container correctly. At the same time, editorial director Lars Ross and editor Ilse Rosenschild were on hand to answer questions. Sarah Sauer from the pharmacy at Oberer Markt demonstrated a new service: the automatic sorting and shrink-wrapping of medicines. The visitors liked what was on offer. "The whole event is highly interesting. There are loud high-quality stands. I am positively surprised", said Peter Tresch from Hundheim. "The trade show is a showcase of all that we have here in Morbach. We should be proud of this," Hans-Georg Gröber from Morbach was also impressed by the event.

Lack of trainees and skilled workers
A central theme was the lack of skilled workers and trainees. "In the meantime, we apply to the young people, in the past, they applied to us," Andy Schäfer from the company Pauly Elektrotechnik spoke for many. The company has managed to hire five new apprentices this year. But that had been a tough job. Also the enterprise HGM building searches intensively. The Bischofsdhroner can nevertheless employ so far only one apprentice in the coming year: The 15-year-old Tim Nowrot wants to become a bricklayer. Another job is still free. And the company is also looking for foremen, foremen and bricklayers. Anna Kneppel from the Kneppel butcher's shop, who is preparing for the master butcher's examination, is trying to promote her profession this weekend and patiently demonstrates how to decorate roses from slices of salami and radish.

Salsa and show dance
A novelty in the program this year: On Saturday evening there was pure entertainment with an after-show party. Salsa dancers showed off their skills, the Dog City Girls offered show dancing. Then we continued with music from Morbach bands. Sigrid Schleiter liked it. It was just a pity that there were so few spectators at the beginning. Later the tent filled up. Walter Blasius, a listener and later also a singer, was pleased that the guests could see what is going on musically in Morbach.

Congratulations and gifts
Parallel to the trade show, the organizing trade and tourist association celebrated its 70th anniversary. Birthday. The jubilarian is getting on in years, but he is neither "tired, sluggish or dusty", the honorary chairman Kurt Müllers had already emphasized at the official opening on Friday evening. On the contrary: As far as the program is concerned, the signature of the rejuvenated board of directors is already clearly recognizable, praised Rudi Müller, patron of the trade show and president of the Chamber of Crafts Trier. Finally, the team is getting younger – Sarah Sauer is the youngest in the close circle at 41 years old. Müller congratulated the organizer on his anniversary and the people of Morbach on their active trade and tourist association. The mayor of Morbach, Andreas Hackethal, also congratulated and presented the jubilarians with something high-proof: a Jakob Maria Mierscheid spirit. It was particularly fitting for this occasion, since it was a fictitious member of the Bundestag from Morbach, a phantom so to speak, who could actually be seen at this show for once: in a Lego model by Thomas Krämer, which was exhibited in the hall.

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