Stone chip repair

Who does not know. You are driving on the highway. Suddenly a loud bang. A stone, thrown up by a vehicle ahead, has crashed into the windshield of your car. The windshield does not always need to be replaced.

There is also a free alternative – the stone chip repair.

Why is this rock fall so dangerous?

The front window of a car is made of a safety glass. That means it is made of two thin panes of glass. These are glued together by a high-strength film. If a stone is hit, the stone hits the outer glass pane. Causes a punctual damage. Due to the high-strength film, the windshield can not shatter. The stability of the disc is maintained. However, there is a risk that this stone chip will cause a tear. The impairment of visibility caused by the stone chip is an additional problem.

Consequential damage another danger.

Due to temperature fluctuations, vibrations and mechanical pressure, the windshield may crack not immediately but at a later stage. Furthermore, moisture or dirt can penetrate the damaged area. Matt surfaces can be the result. This is why you should have a stone chip checked by a professional as soon as possible. If a stone chip repair is carried out in good time, unnecessary costs that would be incurred by replacing the entire windscreen can be avoided.

What stone chips can be removed with the stone chip repair?

Basically only stone chips can be repaired which are outside the driver's field of vision and within a 10 cm wide border area are located. The damage pattern of the damaged area should also be such that a stone chip repair is possible. There are four types of damage that can be repaired. These are star break, cow eye, half cow eye and combination break. The following photo shows these damage patterns.

Stone chip repair

Image source: Saint Gobain Sekurit

Stone chip repair

Picture source: ATU Autoteile Unger

How does the stone chip repair work?

The damaged area is cleaned first. If the opening of the stone chip is too small, it should be enlarged so that the access to the resulting cavity is large enough. After the impact is cleaned, a special resin is pressed into the damaged area using high pressure. The mechanic makes sure that the cavity is filled as completely as possible and all air bubbles are gone. You can find a corresponding video here.

What does the stone chip repair cost? This repair costs about 75 euros. Carried out by any car repair shop with auto glass service. If you have partial coverage insurance for your car, this work is usually free of charge with most insurances.

What should you pay attention to?

Therefore, in order to save costs, it is recommended that when a stone chip occurs, it should be repaired quickly to

Stone chip repair

act. An effective method is after a stone chip immediately a so-called Window patches glued to the damaged area to prevent the risk of cracking and the penetration of dirt and moisture.

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