Startupcard 100

Startupcard 100

In the context of the current Startup Safari of the Deutsche Bahn, we have received a short, but even more qualified, increase from Evalea. The goal of the 5-day "long-term meet and greet" is to give an already established startup like Evalea the opportunity to network with employees from a corporation and use this expertise for their own business model and benefit from their experience.

On the other hand, employees from corporate groups also benefit when they experience the founding spirit of the respective startup live and also get to know the working methods and practices of the young entrepreneurs for a few days. Clearly, for large, established companies with more than 200.000 employees more difficult to overcome common startup practices and approaches such as z. B. Fail-Fast can be implemented immediately, yet the new impressions provide Group employees with a different view of their own processes and procedures.

It is precisely this exchange and getting to know the different approaches that creates a win-win situation for both sides. And this was ultimately one of the guiding principles of Deutsche Bahn, which planned and organized the project together with the HIGHEST start-up center.

As for us on the startup side, we were happy to have the support of Andreas Eckelt (DB Mobility Logistics AG – Head of New Learning Lab). A real bonus in this context was of course his expertise in the area of further training.

It was especially exciting for us to speak directly with a decision maker and potential customer and to present and discuss our service. Within the short time, the feeling of sincere feedback quickly developed on both sides. In this atmosphere of productive exchange, the individual work areas and focal points of our start-up were presented and constructively discussed.

The big advantage for us was certainly that we could directly test the usability of our Evalea evaluation tool for large corporations with Andreas Eckelt. Here it was important for us as a start-up to discover overlaps and potentials in order to serve the needs of corporations even better and to further improve the usefulness of our tool. The positive feedback we received gives us a boost and strengthens our confidence in the usability of our product for larger target groups / new audiences.

During this time, however, it was not only on the Evalea side that new insights were gained. The new impressions were particularly important for long-standing managers like Andreas Eckelt, who saw how efficient and effective a permanent direct exchange can be in a still small team, how ideas can be implemented directly and how processes can be carried out practically in a "just-in-time process" without a lot of bureaucracy. The observation that the implementation of new ideas does not necessarily have to follow a project management logic that has been thought through to the last detail, but that projects can mature agilely as they emerge, develop and improve in the process, was one of the most beautiful observations for Andreas Eckelt.

The greatest praise for us is certainly the opportunity to use our evaluation tool in the DB Group as part of a pilot in the first quarter of 2016. Andreas Eckelt comments:

"I was surprised by the organized way of working at Evalea. I was impressed by how well the interdisciplinary cooperation between customer requirements, the development department and sales works. In this way, solutions for new challenges can be found quickly. I am looking forward to using this tool in practice as part of a pilot and, of course, to working with my colleagues at Evalea."

Of course, however, it was also very interesting and enlightening for us to learn more about the workings of a large corporation and to get a closer look at the classic approach to processes and operations. Even though these are not one-to-one implementable, nor was the claim given, very useful conclusions have almost inevitably emerged from this for us. We were able to use the knowledge we gained to implement an optimization of how to approach large corporations. As a result, tackle a new Ad-Words campaign for this one.

As a summary, from our side we can describe the concept of Startup Safari as thoroughly successful.

Finally, we at Evalea would like to thank Andreas Eckelt (DB Mobility Logistics AG – Head of New Learning Lab), the HIGHEST start-up center and everyone involved at DB. We will be back again next year at the Startup Safari!

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