‘Spremberg warms me always

Chris Rea's song "Driving Home For Christmas" is one of the most recognizable songs played around Christmas time. Franziska Wiese, a native of Spremberg, also makes herself in the night of 24. December on the way from her adopted home of Berlin to her native climes. "Home is always home for me. Never loses its name. It's a different feeling to go home, because there are many stories associated with it. In this respect, Spremberg always warms me up when I drive into town," reveals the celebrity artist.

'Spremberg warms me always

Franziska's star rose in 2016. A television appearance in front of an audience of millions in Florian Silbereisen's Saturday night show made her famous throughout Germany. Her first album "Sinfonie der Träume" followed, the single "Ich bin frei" climbed to number five in the German airplay charts, i.E. The ranking with the most played songs on the radio. Greats like Andrea Berg, Matthias Reim or Michelle lined up behind Franziska.

In the meantime, the singer and violinist Franziska Wiese is well booked and a welcome guest in various television shows and on the concert stages of the republic. It is clear that she has especially many fans in Lusatia. Even an official Franziska Wiese fan club has recently been established.

Franziska celebrates Christmas at home in the circle of her family. Until 23. December she is still with Frank Schöbel. His show "Christmas in family" on tour. December she is still with Frank Schöbel. His show "Christmas in the family" on tour. After the last performance in Brandenburg an der Havel, Franziska gets into the car, quickly picks up a few things in Berlin and drives on to her parents in Spremberg. "I'll probably sleep in half the day first," she predicts.

Traditionally, the Wiese household serves potato salad with Wiener on Christmas Eve. "Actually, I don't like potato salad," Franziska smiles, hoping that her mother Manuela will relent when it comes to the menu.

Franziska's violin is not to be missed, because after the presents are given, a little music is played in the house. Watching the TV show "Merry Christmas with Frank" together is also part of the program. In 2016 Franziska was part of the show herself, this year she can watch her colleagues "at work".

'Spremberg warms me always

Due to the tight tour schedule, there will be no cookie baking with her mom and grandma this year. "In the past year we have baked really a lot. Besides butter cookies, we made macaroons, vanilla crescents or hazelnut cookies. In the end, we had baked so much that we didn't have time to decorate the cookies," grin mother and daughter Wiese.

For the Christmas goose Franziska reveals her secret recipe for the stuffing: grated wholemeal bread, Cointreau orange liqueur, cinnamon, sugar and prunes. This gives the goose a sweet and lovely taste. Add to that a sauce mixed with applesauce and cream and nothing stands in the way of a delicious roast goose.

For Franziska, Christmas has something magical. "It's that kind of calm where you try to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The warm light of the candles, the quiet music and the divine that is given to us through Christianity. One finds again more to each other, looks rather for love and security and less the material thing."

That's precisely why shared experiences with family and friends are at the top of Franziska's Christmas wish list. "I'm more of an experience person and look forward to doing something together and having time to do it. And I'm always happy about something sweet!", she gives a hint to Santa Claus.

The tour with Frank Schöbel also has certain disadvantages for Franziska: "I haven't put together a single Christmas present yet. And I would like to stroll over the Christmas markets in the respective performance places. But the tour is tightly planned – from the rehearsals to the show to the autograph session. After that the Christmas markets are unfortunately no longer open!"But Franziska will certainly find some suitable Christmas presents for her loved ones before the presents are handed out.

That she herself is part of the Christmas tour with Frank Schöbel makes Franziska proud. As a small child, she loved to listen to the cassette with Frank Schöbel, Aurora Lacasa and both children, especially the song with the catastrophe of Christmas tree. Now, on tour, she senses a certain familiar atmosphere in the audience. She says it's almost a tradition here in the East to go to Frank Schöbel and his show. She herself feels fully integrated into the show. Gets that from fellow artists as well. As a child, Franziska would never have dared to dream that she would suddenly become part of the program.

The concert organizer had suggested the artist to Frank Schöbel. And since Frank Schöbel already knew Franziska from various performances, it finally came to the collaboration, which – so rumor has it – could be continued next year.

When Franziska Wiese is not on tour with Frank Schöbel, she works on her new album, which will be released in summer 2018. "The fans can again look forward to the refreshing combination of violin and voice, with much in the lyrics that touches me. There are catchy melodies to go with it. The album is produced by my proven team, supported by some new people."

But before that, Franziska is first looking forward to the upcoming Christmas and with it a few days of rest. "I wish all readers and my fans that they have very much the feeling to be loved and to be able to love. That they have people to whom they can give love, that they have it warm and cozy and do not have to spend the feast alone. There are many places here in the region, z.B.

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