Sicher mit dem motorrad ins gelände 5 excellent offroad trainings

Enduro Park Hechlingen, BavariaThe paradise for riders of touring enduros is located in Unterallgäu, Germany. The there
Enduro Park Hechlingen is an institution. Hechlingen is considered one of the best terrains for motorcycle off-road training – especially for enduros.

Muddy single trails, narrow trails, steep climbs and descents, rooted forest paths: Here there is everything that makes the heart of enduro riders beat faster or introduces them to riding off-road. "Mud-fun" guaranteed.

One or two day trainings and guided tours

Welcome to Motorcycle fans of all skill levels. The courses last one or two days and also include trainings for women, a BMW-GS intensive training, trial trainings (also for children), rides and travel workshops.

The instructors are seasoned off-road professionals with years of experience on and off the road. On request, there are individual learning units or individual training with and without a passenger:in. The right Motorcycle is provided if needed – for an additional charge.

Nice to know: Providers such as Enduro Park Hechlingen also organize guided off-road tours and trips lasting several days, either with your own or a provided motorcycle. Destinations are among others the Vosges, Lake Garda and Mongolia.

Sicher mit dem motorrad ins gelände 5 excellent offroad trainings

Impressive routes worldwide

Enduro Center Mammoth Park, Lower Saxony

Since 2006, the 130-hectare Mammut leisure park in the Weserbergland region has been one of the best addresses in Germany for off-road training with off-road vehicles. Since summer 2021 the former tank training area of the German Federal Armed Forces also hosts
Courses for Enduros with more than 600 cubic centimeters displacement instead of.

The extensive, partly wooded terrain is ideally suited for large and touring enduros. With kilometers of varied sections, the Enduro Center Mammutpark is recommended for beginners and advanced riders alike.

Anyone who has demonstrably completed a two-day advanced enduro training course within the past 18 months is entitled to by appointment also without an accompanying marshal (Instructor:in) move through the terrain – adequate studded tires for muddy passages provided. Requirement: never ride alone (at least in pairs). Not against the given driving direction.

Nice to know: You can camp on the grounds of the offroad park. Alternatively there are overnight accommodations in a converted barracks building.

One of the main organizers on the site is the Enduro Action Team, which also offers courses for participants of the international BMW GS Trophy – a series of special tests in challenging terrain, in which all riders can participate only once. Credo of the Enduro Action Team:
Only by permanent repetition of exercises you can develop further. So practice, practice, practice.

Special trainings and tracks

Part of the site is reserved for large touring enduros. There is training under guidance. In addition, there are various special trainings:

– Driving in the sand ("sand surfing") – women's training – roadbook& Rally Training – Tours in the area – Test& Ride Special Training with bikes from different manufacturers

One area of the Enduro Park is reserved exclusively for motocross riders. Among others, the SHC Meltewitz Offroad Team trains there. Motocross races are held regularly, also for young racers.

Nice to know: Once a year, enduro riders are allowed to let off steam freely and unaccompanied on the enduro track – at an adventure weekend with the promising title FEAR event.

Sicher mit dem motorrad ins gelände 5 excellent offroad trainings


ADAC Driving Safety Center, Berlin-Brandenburg

Driver safety training is one of the ADAC's main business areas. In Linthe near Berlin, the automobile club operates a large safety center that, in addition to classic driver training courses for cars, trucks, buses and tractors, also offers
Off-road training for motorcycles and special training for touring enduros offers.

In the travel enduro training you learn, among other things, how to:

– master serpentines – turn on slopes and inclines – brake on downhill gradients – drive tight curves on unpaved surfaces – approach inclines without spinning the rear wheel or rolling backwards – master an off-road course

Maximum eight participants per course provide for clearly arranged groups. The training lasts around eight and a half hours.

Nice to know: The ADAC also offers the popular course training for motorcyclists.

Sicher mit dem motorrad ins gelände 5 excellent offroad trainings

May it be a racetrack?

Triumph Adventure Experience, Spain

Can it be a little further away? Motorcycle manufacturers often offer special training courses in the most beautiful places in the world. Sunshine. Pleasant temperatures.

The British manufacturer Triumph, for example, has set up the Triumph Adventure Experience Spain not far from Malaga. At the foot of the Sierra de la Nieves National Park you can test to your heart's content the new model generations of the Tiger and Scrambler series.

In addition to a one-day introductory course, there are two-day off-road training courses, which are divided into three performance levels. Alternatively you can Individual training units under the expert guidance of off-road experts book. The complete equipment – helmet, protector jacket and pants, boots, gloves – can be rented on site.

Sicher mit dem motorrad ins gelände 5 excellent offroad trainings

Financial injection for the travel fund

Offroad training with the motorcycle: explore limits and increase driving skills

Which technique is the best way to ride up a steep hill?? What are the differences in off-road braking with and without ABS?? How do you get around a bend safely and nimbly on gravel or in deep sand??

Riding a motorcycle off paved roads is a challenge. The fear of falling on loose ground is always with many people. Off-road training provides safety – in the truest sense of the word, in a playful way. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will approach your off-road limit step by step. And learn: limits are mostly set by your lack of confidence in yourself. So: Be brave! Have you got a taste for it. Want also on four wheels times off into the terrain? There are also different offroad parks for cars.

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