Safely into the motorcycle season

Safe into the motorcycle season. Checklist

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On the road with your motorcycle into spring

The long wait is finally over – the days are getting longer, the sun's rays warmer. Wake up your bike from hibernation. For those who are not hardcore all-season riders, now is the time to properly prepare for the new season. In order to be safe on the road even without a crumple zone, it is advisable, especially for motorcycle riders, to carry out an thorough check of man and machine.

We provide you with the checklist so that you have thought of everything and can enjoy your ride carefree. The first rays of sunshine attract many bikers. Bikers back on the road. But after a break of several months, it is often not only the machine that is a little rusty, but also the rider himself or herself. You should therefore take a self-critical look not only at the technical condition of the motorcycle, but also at yourself and your riding skills.

Motorcycle check


– lighting, – brake light, – turn signal and – horn.

Other checks:

– Make sure the kill switch is working? All levers and switches should work smoothly. – Also check the chain for tension and lubrication. – What are the fluid levels and tire pressure doing? Due to the long standing time the tires have lost air. – When checking the air pressure, also look out for possible damage and cracks in the rubber.

Driver check

Fit for the ride? Many bikers underestimate the acclimatization period needed after a long break. First of all you should Check the function of protective clothing.

In order to slowly become familiar with the machine again, just do a test ride beforehand Some riding practice in an empty parking lot. Practice walking speed to drive and slowly feel their way to a Full braking approach. Also a special driving safety training can be a good start, especially at the beginning of the season. This applies especially to motorcyclists who have bought a new machine. Get to grips with the new bike intensively before the first big ride.

The first exit

Especially the first weeks of spring are very accident-prone. Normally, every 50. Vehicle on German roads a motorcycle – every third on spring weekends! Car and motorcycle drivers have to get used to each other again first.

Increased caution is especially

– at intersections, – junctions and at – left turns


Even on familiar terrain, frost damage can cause new potholes emerge. Put on every ride Helmet, gloves, leather pants and jacket, and boots to. Protective clothing reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident by 50%!

Attention, motorists! Please watch out for bikers!

Car drivers should therefore be especially attentive. The narrow silhouette of motorcyclists makes them less visible and their speed is often misjudged. On winding country roads, you must always be prepared for oncoming motorcycles in an inclined position, where the rider or. Riders to the center of the road. In addition protrudes. When overtaking, motorists should make sure that there is sufficient distance between them pay attention.

When a motorcycle is riding behind you, refrain from using the windshield wiper system. The splash water can land on the visor of the helmet and the driver or. Suddenly take away the rider's vision. Also a careless cigarette thrown out of the window can be life-threatening for bikers. You do not have a motorcycle license yet. Still want to enjoy the indescribable feeling of freedom? Since 2020 it is possible, after a few hours of practice with the car driver's license to ride even light motorcycles up to 125 cc.

A theoretical and practical test is not required.

Prerequisite for the extension of class B with the key number 196:

– Driver training with min. Four theoretical and five practical lessons of 90 minutes each – previous possession of car class B for min. 5 years – minimum age 25 years

The B196 license applies however Only in Germany.

Who knows, one or the other of you might ride away from the Coronablues with the newly won freedom.

Interested in other vehicles? Just browse our section Driving license classes.

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