Rent a van in hannover

Rent a van in hannover

Transporter rental in HannoverMany green spaces, a lake in the middle of the city and not least the annual CeBIT make the capital of Lower Saxony Hannover so attractive.

If you want to rent a transporter in Hanover for your move, you should compare prices at an early stage. Choosing the right car rental company can save a lot of money when renting a van. Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare different providers several weeks before the move to get an overview. Here, special attention should be paid to the included services such as per diems and insurances. Many rental car companies also offer special deals on weekdays or give discounts for students.

Which transporter is the right one to rent in Hanover??

Before looking for cheap offers, the required size of the transporter should be calculated on the basis of the removal goods. The usual load volume ranges from about 15 cubic meters for sprinters to about 40 cubic meters for trucks. If the transporter is rented in Hanover for a move within the city, the small version can be sufficient. The removal goods can be divided into several journeys. Due to the included free kilometers there should be no additional costs. Also for the move of a shared apartment or a 1-room-apartment the Sprinter should be sufficient. For a more extensive project, however, a truck must be used. However, it is important to note that a class C1 driving license is required to drive a truck. To rent a small transporter in Hanover, the driving license class B is sufficient. It should be taken care of a suitable driver in time, if the own driving license is not sufficient.

What has to be considered when picking up the transporter?

If the van is rented in Hannover, a driver's license and ID card must be presented upon pickup. This applies to the driver as well as all other drivers who are registered in the contract. For each registered driver, however, additional fees are incurred. The rented car should be thoroughly inspected for damage and this should be reported directly to the rental company so that it is noted accordingly. Mileage and fuel gauge should be checked before starting the journey, especially if there is a claim for a full tank of gas in the car. When renting the van in Hanover, a test drive should also take place to get a feel for handling the large vehicle. Transporters are more sluggish compared to cars, have a larger turning circle and a different braking behavior. In addition, it is advisable to have the staff of the car rental company show you all the details of the car beforehand.

How to transport furniture safely

When loading the transporter some things should be considered. Large furniture can be stored in a much more space-saving way if it has been disassembled. So that nothing slips, everything should be fastened with lashing straps. Packing covers and protective foils ensure that nothing is damaged during loading, unloading and transport. If you want to transport complete furniture, you should rent a larger van in Hanover or hire a moving company to do the job. This applies in particular to antique furniture that has warped due to its age and would be impossible to reassemble. Sufficient securing material, such as belts, ropes, foils and blankets, should be provided prior to the move. A hand truck is also helpful and can be rented from some car rental companies together with the van in Hannover.

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