Removal switzerland car reregistration

Removal switzerland car reregistration

You should then think about changing the car as soon as possible to avoid trouble with the highway patrol. The registration and re-registration process of a vehicle is based on the residence principle. This means that once you have found your domicile in Spain, you also have to re-register your vehicle and register it in Spain. Residents are all those who live in Spain, which formally includes all foreign persons who spend more than 183 days a year in Spain.

Even unsuspecting holidaymakers who have taken their car on the car ferry sometimes get into trouble. If you are coming to Spain for good, check before moving if it really pays to take your favorite car with you. Since the return is not so easy, the path through the Spanish government is long, and the costs and levies can add up to quite high amounts.

If you decide to buy a used car in Spain, for example, you will save a lot of time and possibly even costs and only pay a relatively low transfer tax for the transfer of vehicle documents. If you buy a new car in Spain, the seller usually takes care of the registration and other formalities. If you still do not want to be dissuaded and do not want to get rid of your proven mobile vehicle, the Federal Embassy advises, for reasons of simplification, to come to Spain with an export registration plate.

It is the person who registers the vehicle as "removal goods" at the responsible road traffic office within two weeks after the residence in Spain reports. However, this is only possible if, for example, a new Federal President proves that he has been registered in Germany for one year and that he has owned the car for more than six years.

Not to be underestimated is the time required for re-registration and administrative procedures, for which the NIE (tax number for foreigners) is a basic requirement: experience has shown that a Spanish certificate of vehicle characteristics ("certificado de características") or the EC type approval / certificate of conformity is required first, with which the Spanish government checks whether the vehicle type can be registered in Spain at all.

Also the vehicle registration is taken over by the TÜV-Rheinland in Madrid and Barcelona, however, by the way, no TÜV is accepted in Spain. Another thing is of importance for those who come to Spain with their foreign car and do not re-register it: The Spanish TÜV ITV does not issue inspection stickers for cars with foreign license plates.

Last but not least, the conclusion of a motor vehicle insurance should not be neglected during the re-registration: In many casesÃ?Llen, however, no no-claims bonus from the home country is taken into account when moving insurance to Spain. Nevertheless, it would be better to take out health insurance with an insurance company established in Spain, which makes it easier to quickly settle possible claims in case of emergency.

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