Reasons for a second car insurance

Reasons for a second car insurance

Often the family needs several cars, if everyone wants to go to the office in the morning and the children to school. Or you drive the pickup to go fishing or get wood – but definitely not into town. There are many reasons for having a second car. How to insure the growth in your "car park" – answers to 6 common questions:

Can I really insure my second car like the first one??

Yes, this is very often possible. The requirements only differ from provider to provider. You will have to in many cases:

– 24 or older
– Have driven accident-free for a certain time, z.B. 12 months old
– Have the second one registered to yourself, your spouse or partner
You can find out what actually applies to you in your provider's premium calculator – or you can ask your advisor whether you meet all the criteria.

What are the advantages of second car insurance??

You can insure your second vehicle in exactly the same way as your first: with liability, protection cover and partial cover and – if the car is new or has only been driven for a few years – also with fully comprehensive insurance. With or without workshop commitment. Also with passenger protection.

The big advantage, however, is that you don't have to work hard to earn your percentage points through accident-free driving. You start in a better no-claims class right away.

How will my second car be classified? Which no-claims class do I get into??

If you already have one car insured and are now re-registering a second, you would normally start in no-claims class 0 with around 100% premium. But you don't have to: You get into a better class right away.

You don't even need to transfer the percentages from your partner to the second car. Many insurance companies even place your second car in the same no-claims class as your first. Look for these insurance policies and save money.

Which points influence the favorable second car classification?

1. Who do you leave the car with – yourself, your partner or someone else?? This often makes a difference. Ask your advisor or try the settings in the premium calculator.
2. As the policyholder, are you also the vehicle owner? Then it is usually cheaper.
3. May others also drive the car? The fewer people who drive your second car, the cheaper it usually is.
4. How old are the other drivers? If all are over 25, then it is often more favorable.
5. Insure your second car with the same insurer as your first one? With some insurances this is more favorable. Only a few car insurance companies make no difference. 6. Good insurance companies also ask how high your first car is rated -. Classify your second car just as favorably. Good insurance companies also ask; how high your first car is rated -. Classify your second car just as favorably. The cheaper your premium will be.
Please note: second car rates are calculated differently. You cannot expect to get the same premium even if your first car is the same model. But due to the advantageous regulation for the no-claims class you also save a lot of premium with your second car.

What do I have to consider when registering a second car??

Nothing special, it's all the same as with your first car: you take out car insurance and thus get an eVB. You take this with you to the registration office together with the vehicle documents including the TÜV and AU certificate or COC certificate, your ID card and driver's license. You get new license plates or take the old ones with you. Then your second car is registered. You can drive off.

I have a motorcycle – can I register the car as a second car??

Sure, that works for many insurance companies, including Verti. The special thing about Verti: You can drive in the same no-claims class as with your first one, which in this case is your motorcycle.

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