Play automobile. My car lexicon on pc with gameloop

Play automobile. My car lexicon on pc with gameloop

My car encyclopedia on PCAutomobile. My Automobile Encyclopedia, which comes from the developer 24Hours, ran on Android systems in the past.

Now you can use automobile. Play My Car Encyclopedia smoothly on PC with GameLoop.

Download it in GameLoop library or in search results. No more eyeing the battery or making frustrating calls at the wrong time.

Just enjoy automobile. My car encyclopedia PC free on the big screen!

Automobile. My Car Lexicon Introduction

Free offline app Automobile. My Car Lexicon

If you own these free apps, you may already know why you want to know about cars. Just in case, here's a handy list of the benefits of vehicle knowledge:

How your vehicle works

The automotive industry has produced some amazing vehicles with complicated electronics and computer systems, but has published little information about how these systems work. Know how a vehicle's network works and how it communicates inside and outside its own system, you can better diagnose and fix problems.

Work on your vehicle's electrical systems

With the development of vehicles, they have become less mechanical and more electronic. Unfortunately, automotive electronic systems are usually closed to all but the mechanics at the dealership. While dealers have access to more information than you would normally get as an individual, automakers themselves are outsourcing parts and require proprietary tools to diagnose problems. If you learn how your car's electronics work, you can bypass this barrier.

Modify your vehicle

When you understand how vehicles communicate, you can make changes, z. B. Improve fuel economy. Use third party parts. Improve fuel economy. Use third party parts. Once you understand the communication system, you can seamlessly integrate other systems into your vehicle, z. B. An additional display to show performance, or a third-party component that integrates as well as the factory defaults.

Perform your own repairs

You will need to perform several routine maintenance tasks on your own car to ensure proper operation. This includes rotating tires, changing oil, and replacing fluids and windshield wipers. If you know how to do these things, you can save significant money (and maximize the life of your vehicle). This can also come in handy if your car breaks down and you need to figure out what's wrong.

Drive more safely

Knowing how a car works can help you drive safer, reduce the risk of accidents, and improve the life of your vehicle. For example, if you know how brakes wear over time, you can find signs of wear sooner and have them replaced before you increase the risk of brake failure.

All this you can do in our app for free offline Explore car parts. Automotive Technologies . Very friendly. Beautiful finish. The best choice for pocket dictionaries.

Features :

– The dictionary works offline – you don't need an internet connection. Offline access to items (descriptions) without internet connection (except photos);

– Very fast search for descriptions. Equipped with a fast dynamic search function – the dictionary starts searching for words as you type them in.

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