Pkw in mittelleitplanke

On Sunday evening at 17:27 the fire department 1 Stadtmitte of the volunteer fire department Werne was alerted to a traffic accident on the federal freeway 1 in direction Bremen. The mission keyword on the digital message receiver was "TH_PERSON_KLEMMT – 1 passenger car stuck in center guardrail 1 person". Already on the approach a so-called alarm level increase was made by the control center in Unna due to further callers. The mission keyword was now "4RTW_2NEF" and contains in addition to the in sum 4 ambulances and two emergency physicians also a rescue service guidance component. A passenger car should be on the roof. Another in the embankment. The chief emergency physician and the organizational head of the rescue service (OrgL) also made their way from the district to the scene of the emergency. The rescue service from Werne, which arrived first, was able to give initial feedback from the scene of the accident via radio to the emergency forces that followed. It concerned only one passenger car, which had come to a halt lying on the roof. Fortunately, one of the drivers was not trapped, but she was still seriously injured in the car. The scene of the accident was about 600 m before the bridge Bakenfelder Weg at the height of the castle Westerwinkel. Due to the emergency call, an emergency doctor was flown to the scene by the rescue helicopter Christoph 8 from Lünen during the initial alerting. A part of the means of action could break off the operational journey after the first feedback. After the arrival of the fire department, they secured the accident site and illuminated the area extensively. A squad from the fire truck provided dual fire protection with trained breathing apparatus. This is necessary in order to be able to intervene quickly in the event of a fire. Two further troops stabilized with the passenger car safety system which are loaded on the rescue vehicle, the crashed passenger car. This was necessary and important to exclude unintentional movements and a swaying and to guarantee a safe work of the rescue forces in the passenger car. Parallel to this work, a so-called equipment storage area was set up in front of the crashed car. On an orange tarpaulin for this equipment u.A. The hydraulic rescue equipment prepared around if necessary. Quickly establish an access opening for the emergency responder or perform an immediate rescue in the event of a sudden deterioration in the patient's condition. In consultation with the emergency physician it was decided to free the injured driver gently by means of Spineboard lying by the tailgate from the passenger car. The driver was transported after a first treatment in the ambulance [RTW] with this into a nearby hospital. The highway was completely closed by the highway police for the duration of the rescue measures. The traffic backed up to the exit Hamm-Bockum / Werne. The highway police from Münster diverted the vehicles from the highway there. The battery of the car involved in the accident was disconnected and leaking media with binding agents strewn and contaminated again taken up. After about an hour, the scene could be handed over to the highway police. Five vehicles [1-RW1-1,1-TLF3000-1,1-ELW1-1,1-HLF20-1] and 22 firefighters of the volunteer fire department Werne, one RTW from Werne and Kamen, the rescue helicopter Christoph 8 including emergency doctor from Lünen, the organizational head of rescue service from Lünen and leading emergency doctor from Unna as well as five patrol cars of the highway police were deployed. At 18:40 o'clock could be announced to the rescue control center in Unna over radio employment end.

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