If you are moving, there are many things to consider, after all, the entire household should be moved to the new home as undamaged, safely and quickly as possible.

A lot of time and energy must be invested in dismantling furniture, packing moving boxes, transporting and setting up in the new home. Many people therefore take for example a cheap moving company in Berlin in order to receive valuable assistance with their change of residence. However, there are also those who think that the services of a moving company are not necessary, and that they are too expensive.

The following article therefore explains the specific advantages and disadvantages associated with a private move and moving with a professional service provider. The final decision has to be made by the person who wants to move.

The move on your own

In principle, the lower costs speak for a private move. If there are not enough helpers in the circle of friends and acquaintances available, it is also possible to hire individual movers for a few hours to carry and set up the truck. However, the purchase of moving boxes can be waived. The renting of a transporter with a private removal hardly to be renounced.

In addition, a self-directed move has the advantage of greater flexibility, since there is no fixed date agreed with a company for the change of residence. In this way it is also possible to reorganize spontaneously. However, the downside must also be taken into account that someone from the team of private helpers can quickly be prevented or ill – so there is always the risk of not having enough helpers available on moving day.

In addition, all tasks must of course be organized and carried out independently in the case of a private move. A lot of time has to be invested in this, which unfortunately only very few people have these days.

The move with a moving company

As a rule, a move realized with the assistance of a professional moving company includes some carriers, a driver and a large and spacious truck. Depending on the individual agreement, the service providers also take on other tasks, such as setting up the no-stopping zone in front of both apartments, assembling and disassembling furniture or packing the moving boxes.

However, hiring a competent moving company is of course also accompanied by a certain financial investment. But especially if the household includes a lot and very heavy furniture, or the new home is located quite far away, a lot of stress and time can be saved by moving with a freight forwarder. In addition, the risk of unforeseen problems associated with the change of residence is reduced.

A moving company employs experienced porters who know exactly what to take into account when transporting complex pieces, such as a piece of fitness equipment or a piano. Loading the truck and steering the vehicle is also part of their daily routine. If the company is also commissioned with assembly work, curtains, lamps and even the fitted kitchen can be used as usual after a short time in the new apartment.

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