Moving from berlin to stuttgart

Moving from berlin to stuttgart

The move from one city to another, or as in this case from one state to another, is both in the private and in the commercial sector a project that must be well and long-term planned. The distance from city center to city center, for example from Berlin's main station at Europaplatz to Stuttgart's main station at Arnulf-Klett-Platz, is about 650 kilometers. Depending on the location of the previous as well as the future residence, a distance of 700 kilometers has to be reckoned with. The journey by car takes six to seven hours. For the truck with trailer loaded with removal goods, a few hours more have to be reckoned with, if speed limits and break times are observed, as well as the odd traffic jam. In short, three working days should be allowed for the move, one each for moving out, moving in and moving out. Planning and preparation can be as good and perfect as it may be; in the end, the decisive factor is how the move itself, which lasts several days, goes. For the person moving, it is a matter of finding a suitable moving company and commissioning it with the move.

Moving from Berlin to Stuttgart with your professional moving company

For such a long distance move the moving company Kugland from Königs-Wusterhausen is exactly the right partner. The family-run company was founded at the end of the 1990s and is nowadays managed by the duo of senior and junior bosses. Roland Kugland is the founder of the company, while Christian Kugland is the second generation of the family to run the company. In the course of the past ten, fifteen years have been carried out as numerous as versatile moves. For this purpose, we have a modern fleet of trucks with trailers, vans and cars of different makes and models. All vehicles are serviced, repaired and maintained in an automotive workshop on the company's own premises.

The move from Berlin to Stuttgart is, as it is often called, no mean feat. In every phase, close cooperation between the client and the contractor is a prerequisite for a successful move. This starts with the site inspection by the senior or junior manager of Kugland. On the basis of the goods to be moved, including furnishings. Household goods, the volume of the move is estimated in cubic meters. In addition, services such as disassembly and subsequent assembly of electrical equipment and appliances, fitted kitchen or other fixed furniture. The exact date of the move should be fixed at this stage in order to plan the necessary truck capacity as well as the manpower of the moving staff. At the end of this first step there is a non-binding cost estimate from the moving company Kugland. Experience shows that the client will ask for several quotes, compare them and then seek further discussion. At the end of the process, the order is usually placed, in this case for the move from Berlin to Stuttgart.

Professional services at fair prices

Among the services that the moving company Kugland offers to its customers in general, there is also a storage of furniture. When planning the details of a move such as the one from Berlin to Stuttgart, it is often necessary to store furniture and household goods for a few days or even weeks before moving out. In addition, in the company's own halls with a total size of 4.000 square meters sufficient opportunity. The warehouses are single-storey, at ground level and partially heatable. Storage options include containers, pallets, corlet trolleys and lockable storage rooms in various sizes. The stored goods are wrapped in furniture blankets. The entire storage area is monitored around the clock, and the removal goods themselves are sufficiently well insured anyway.

The move itself is handled by an experienced, well-coordinated team. For such a long-distance move, up to six employees belong to the team, including the driver, team leader and moving helpers. All of them are long-time employees of the Kugland company. They have successfully managed many a move and are a guarantee that nothing will happen, in the truest sense of the word, during this move from the federal capital to the state capital of Baden-Württemberg as well.

As usual with any move, a pro-rata advance payment is expected based on the non-binding estimate, while the final payment is due to the team leader at the end of the move, i.E. After moving into the new four walls. Then the actual costs for travel kilometers as well as for the different man-hours of the employees are fixed, so that the previous calculation becomes the actual calculation. As payment options, the moving company Kugland accepts cash payment as well as EC checks and EC and credit cards.

In the case of such a long-distance move from Berlin to Stuttgart, the client is advised to compare the standard liability insurance included in the estimate with their own insurance of the household goods and adjust it if necessary. The household contents insurer should also be informed in good time about the moving date; because the household contents are always insured only at the respective home address. The moving situation does not cause any additional costs for the household insurance, but it must be known to the insurer in case of an obligation to pay benefits.

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