Lev nikolaevich tolstoy

Lev nikolaevich tolstoy

Born in Yasnaya Polyana on September 1828. He reached the age of 82. Devoted his whole life to literature.

Lev Tolstoy became famous not only as a great Russian writer, but also as a philosopher and moralist. Above all, he is known as a masterful realist who has always succeeded in capturing on paper the sensations of people, the change of emotions with an incredible precision down to the smallest detail. His books have been translated into many languages. Read all over the world. The complete works comprise 90 volumes.

Famous works of Lev Tolstoy:


– War and Peace – Anna Karenina – Resurrection – The Living Corpse

For children:

– Filipok – Two frende – Three kolaches and a kringle – Childhood and boyhood – How a thief betrayed himself – How a peasant removed a stone – Childhood and boyhood – The bear in the horse-drawn cart – A just inheritance


– A prelude by Chopin – Father Sergius – How much earth does man need?? – The three deaths – The snowstorm – Albert – Polikei – Lord and servant – Peter the first and the farmer

Worth knowing ..

Lev (Leo) Nikolayevich Count Tolstoy was descended from an old Russian noble family. He was born in 1828 in Yasnaya Polyana (Tula Governorate), where he is also buried. At the age of nine he was already an orphan. Was placed under the guardianship of his father's sister. In 1844 he first studied oriental languages in Kazan, then switched to the law faculty. After dropping out of studies, first unsuccessful attempts to implement his utopian land reforms in Yasnaya Polyana, the family's ancestral estate. From 1851 he served in the Caucasus Army; 1854/55 participation in the Crimean War; 1856 end of military service.

In 1860 Tolstoy undertook a one-year trip abroad (Germany, France, Italy, England, Belgium). After his marriage with Sofja Andrejewna Behrs he lived in Jasnaja Poljana and Moscow. During these years he intensified his reform projects. Established village schools according to Rousseausch's model.

His literary work reached a peak in 1868/69 with "War and Peace", in 1878 "Anna Karenina" and in 1899 "Resurrection". Especially the first two novels established Tolstoy's world fame. In the years 1879-82 he finally said goodbye to nobility. Moved to the position of patriarchal peasantry.

In the last years of his life, Lev Tolstoy enjoyed worldwide moral authority, but this did not prevent the Holy Synod, Russia's supreme church authority, from excommunicating him in 1901. During the 1905 revolution, he sided with the Russian peasantry, but categorically rejected revolutionary violence in accordance with his doctrine. In November 1910 he fled secretly from Yasnaya Polyana. Lev Tolstoy died in 1910 at the railroad station Astapovo.

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