‘Let them fight over the top’

'Let them fight over the top'

KFZ Wirtschaft: Mr. Schenner, Mobidrome takes a run at the online used car market. In what exactly does Mobidrome want to differ from the Willhaben motor network and AutoScout24?? Patrick Schenner: Let me state right at the beginning: We are not on the attack. Both platforms have been good partners of Porsche Holding Salzburg and our dealers for many years. I'll be frank: Let them fight over the top in the domestic market, we want to be the third alternative with charm for dealers of all brands.

This is an interesting point: Why does Mobidrome offer its platform for all brands and dealers and not just for the group's own products??
The used car market is much more cooperative than the new car market. In the GW business, it's not nearly so strictly brand against brand. Our dealers also trade in many foreign-brand models. Want to sell them again. It would even be a hindrance if we were to reduce ourselves to group products, even though we enjoy almost 40 percent market share in Austria with them.

What does Mobidrome's concrete offer for dealers look like now??
First of all, our partners advertise for free. We have also developed a software, which we will present in July, that allows domestic GW dealers to find out in a few seconds and with a few clicks why hard-to-sell models are standing for so long. Our goal with Mobidrome is to further professionalize the GW market.

Free? What does Mobidrome earn money with then?
We are currently in a build-up phase where we want to reach a critical number of vehicles and dealers on the platform to be relevant. We currently have over 900 dealers, of which around 300 are Porsche Group brand dealers and around 600 are dealers of other brands, at over 50.000 vehicles online. By the end of the year, I expect 60.-70.000 vehicles is a realistic target. That would give us a market coverage of around 60-70 percent, assuming that 100 percent of the market is covered all the time.000-120.000 dealer GW vehicles online are. Next year, if our partner dealers are satisfied with our performance, we would like to launch a paid model. Whereby today it is not foreseeable whether one then pays a fair amount for advertising or for example for the software.

What scale are we talking about??
Our competitors are stock market driven in pricing or come from a high margin business. But the car trade is a low-margin business. Therefore, we want to be able to make a fair offer to our partner dealers with moderate prices. My favorite thing would be if, starting next year, dealers said, "You're doing a good job. For X amount I will gladly continue to advertise with you." But, to emphasize this in all clarity: We do not want to attack Willhaben and AutoScout24, we are absolutely satisfied with third place.

How do you intend to differentiate yourself from the competition??
At Mobidrome, the focus has been on the end customer from the very beginning. Mobidrome is not only a digital GW marketplace, but has also included a consulting function. With us, the end customer can either search for a specific model or enter their needs and we will then suggest a selection of models that best meet their individual mobility needs. One example: we don't give the trunk volume in liters, but with two bicycles, for example. Also, only dealers can advertise on Mobidrome. You can't find deals from private individuals on the platform.


Mobidrome is backed by Allmobil GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg. At www.Mobidrome.At advertise currently over 900 vehicle dealers with an offer of over 50.000 vehicles.

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