Kettcar – Of war and peace Ten years have passed since their first album, but on "Zwischen den Runden" Kettcar sound much younger and partly much older than they really are. A love letter.

Dear Kettcar,

I have known you for seven years now. With "48 hours" you planted a first earworm in my head, even today it appears in my daily playlists. 48 hours can be enough for everyone, but not for us. At some point I started " cry in the cab", felt here and there the "full distance" between us. You showed me that German-language music far away from Xavier Naidoo or Sido can be even remotely cool. I was so proud to know you. But for a long time, all this was just a certain long-distance relationship, nothing really tangible. And yet you accompanied me for three years, on all roads, were probably my best friend on last.Fm. And then came the low ..

First you wanted to go to Sylt, or "Graceland", or as you called it. The name didn't matter, I just felt uncomfortable. You got louder, got more uncomfortable. Instead of acoustic I heard more and more often electric. Should it have been? And then we met. A wonderful experience, after I got lost for an hour and a half between the subway station and the arena (5 minutes walk). Goosebumps as we sang "At the Table" together, flawlessly and in chorus, even though the song was officially only five days old. Once we met since then, I think only a few weeks later – very briefly – on the Danube Island. Then it became quiet. I focused on you and how much of your friends and Of sparrows and pigeons, roofs and hands. So I lived in the past, did not want to believe that suddenly everything becomes worse. Always do what your heart tells you has become the motto of your life, the sentence that was always ready at the decisive moment. I have stuck to it as often as possible, have had wonderful moments because of this phrase. And then suddenly you are back. Just for a moment. Between the rounds.

And talk about war. And about peace. About an apocalyptic rider and his worried horse. And I can't rest because you are like you were back then. You're the same as you were back then, even though you've evolved so much in the past ten years. Calm tones, slow melodies, when I am "In your arms", when you are just "Back from Ohlsdorf" (and do not mean the community in the Salzkammergut). And "Because I'll never say it so often" I have to come out with it right now. You are wonderful. You never know what to expect. If this is peace, you don't have to invent war yet. You don't stay calm this time either, you never really were. But no matter whether with piano or guitar, the voice is always in the foreground. And that is important.

You settle accounts with ten years, with the past, and also with the present. With the world-weariness of a knowing person, of a critical person, of a person in love. With disillusionment and excitement. With the love of life. Every time you come back to me, you seem even more beautiful, more melodic, more soulful. You can stay calm. "Shrill colorful Hamburg" you mean. I just want to "Go South. Three more years you will now accompany me with this record. At least. Thank you for this. See you soon again.

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