Here it is especially the sidecar drivers

Here it is especially the sidecar drivers

Before the year 1951 the RTC Traunstein was a subsection of the cycling club Traunstein. The cycling club carried out thereby in the club house Traunstein bicycle hall events. The motor sport department of the cycle club planned however already at that time the first motorcycle road races in the city Traunstein. Thereupon the cycle club wanted to be involved financially in the motorcycle sport meeting, which was rejected however by the engine sportsmen.This led to heated debates about the division of income, so that the motorsport group broke away from the cycling club and founded its own club.

The RTC Traunstein was founded in 1951 as the first sports club exclusively dedicated to motor sports. The RTC has retained this status in the south-east Bavarian region to this day. In order to be able to carry out sporting events, the RTC Traunstein immediately joined the German Motorsport Association in Frankfurt, which in turn grants permission via the supreme motorsport commission in Offenbach to carry out motorcycle sporting events requiring approval. Thus the RTC Traunstein was always in the position – from motorcycle road races to trails – to carry out motor sport events, whereby it was also often assigned German championship races to be held. The first board of directors at the foundation of the RTC was the well-known car dealer Gessenharter, who was then replaced at the end of the 1950s by the city councilor and owner of Wolfram Industrie, Director Litti. Mr. Litti led then up to his death in the 90th year of life three decades the association as the first executive committee. In this period were also the largest events. Successes on all race tracks in the world achieved by RTC drivers. In the early years Alois Huber (railwayman) was the second chairman, who was then replaced in 1959 by Herbert Seidel. Both Alois Huber and Herbert Seidel have carried out the entire organizational handling of the many events during these decades. Made the RTC Traunstein one of the best known motorsport clubs in Germany. After the death of Mr. Richard Litti, the first board members were Mr. Franz Emmer from Siegsdorf, Mr. Utschig from Traunstein, Ludwig Loithaler from Otting, Josef Bader from Waging, as well as Rainer Ammon from Aiging and Ludwig Eglseer from Traunstein.Looking back on the sporting side, at the beginning of the 1950s it was the famous motorcycle road races in Traunstein, which were held on a circuit between Rosenheimer Strasse, Oswaldstrasse and Leonrodstrasse. From today's point of view it is inconceivable to hold such an event again for safety reasons. The most successful driver of the RTC in these 50s was Alois Huber, who was one of the best street racers on his 500cc BMW. As the highlight of his career, Alois Huber became German runner-up in this class. Whereby one must consider that the motorcycle racing had at that time beside the soccer the highest sporty value in Germany. Alois Huber was as well known then as he is today z.B. Michael Schuhmacher. With the beginning of the 70's many young motor sportsmen joined the RTC Traunstein. In road racing, the members Ludwig Loithaler, Ludwig Eglseer, Josef Gröber and Franz Weidacher achieved the greatest successes for the RTC. After it became more and more difficult to hold motorcycle road races on public roads, in the 60's and 70's the trail sport offered itself for the young active riders. The RTC Traunstein was one of the leading clubs in Germany in this field, having held three German championship races and 18 races for the Alpine Cup (of Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland) in Traunstein.In addition to Josef Wolfgruber, his brother Rupert Wolfgruber, Robert Eigel and Kurt Utschig also won the title of German Trail Champion. Other famous riders at that time were Franz Martin Schatz from Bergen, Hubert Anfang, Surberg; Josef Eisenreich, Traunstein; Richard Haller and Richard Fritz, Teisendorf; Hans Hallweger, Ruhpolding; Alois Anfang, Surberg; Herrman Pletschacher, Siegsdorf, as well as Alfred Schatz and Horst Finger from Bergen. All these riders wrote German trail history. The absolute highlight of this decade, however, was the success of Josef Wolfgruber, who was twice world champion, four times European off-road champion and five times German champion in off-road motorcycle racing. In addition, Josef Wolfgruber was a member of the German national team, won three German championship titles in trail riding and was a three-time winner of the Alpine Cup. In addition, he won gold medals at the international 6-day rides (world championships 1970/71/72 and 1973) in Spain, England, the CSSR and the USA, and as a further highlight the class victory at the 6-day ride Isle of Men in England. Josef Wolfgruber was the most successful sportsman the Chiemgau could ever show in this period.

From 1974 onwards, the RTC Traunstein held five motocross races at the former military training area in Kammer. These races, which were also evaluated for the German championship, were a crowd puller, whereby at the last race in the year 1978 about 6000 spectators populated the distance. Unfortunately, for incomprehensible reasons, this military training area was classified as a biotope, so that it was no longer possible for the RTC to hold motorcross races there. Incomprehensible already therefore, that the RTC always received the condition, the entire racing course on the next day already again to green and into the original condition to restore. As soon as the first grass had grown, the whole thing was plowed up again by tanks. A greening was then however no longer necessary.

In the past 15 years it was again the road racers who could achieve successes. Michael Rudroff from overseas, who won a round of the 500cc world championship and also became German champion in this class, was one of the participants. No less successful was Josef Bader from Waging. The currently most successful motorcycle road racer is Christian Kellner from Waging, who has already won two world championship races in the Supersport class. In the past 10 years skijoring events have been held as the main focus of the event. In the beginning there were the runs in Oberwössen and Unterwössen, the current course is in Söll`n on the outskirts of Traunstein, in the direction of Buchfelln. Unfortunately, in recent years it has often been the case that these events have had to be cancelled due to the lack of snow in winter. Nevertheless, the RTC Traunstein has a large number of skijoring riders, who could win the title of Chiemgaumeister every year. Here it is especially the sidecar drivers who dominate in this class for years.

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