He is still very small and what to do.

He is still very small and what to do.

First stop: bouldering in Tiefenbronn. 2 kids go ahead with map and bouldering guide and explore the terrain, find blocks, identify routes, everything not so easy. With 2 thick bouldering mats (crashpads) on our backs. Bringing up the rear, we quickly arrive at the first block: At the rock everything is different. First clean the boulder, position the crashpads, spot and off we go. We feel our way from route to route and from block to block: 4a, 4c, 5a,..

After four hours in the forest, we have to let go of the rock and head for the vacation home in Ernstmühl: The villa of a jewelry manufacturer, built in 1927 and lovingly restored. The house is a jewel. We enter it with amazement. We divide ourselves into Team Cooking and Team Service and in no time the fresh salmon sizzles in the oven, we are all hungry.

Day 2: On foot we reach from our house the
Bouldering area Ernstmühler Platte, a steep slope that we fight our way up to reach the blocks. We solve numerous boulder problems and invent a new route: the hanging spider passage, 5a.

On the way back we explore a cave and in the evening we have plenty of spaghetti with vegetable sauce and salad. Until late in the evening we play Skull King, Wizard and Dixit. Unfortunately we have to put an end to the nightly giggling sometime around 10 p.M.

Day 3: At Felsenmeer we are at our best, even though our fingers hurt and we are all quite exhausted. We learn to conquer fear. Bouldering like crazy. Now the first 5c. Ingenious. And it shines like every day the sun.

Back at the car we want to check on the young badger that we discovered in the morning at the roadside. He lies snuggled in a small hollow, but only one step away from the highway. The children decide, the badger is saved. All the arguments about it being a wild animal and blah, blah, blah … In the end, the badger baby rode home in the back seat: Valentin gets an enclosure, water and snails. He is still very small and what to do? Finally we find a wildlife sanctuary, there we drop him off. But we really would have liked to keep him.

The boulder pirates now become the "black badgers".

We hike in the evening through the Wolfschlucht, wonderful, the Gumpen invite to bathe.

At an already late hour we console ourselves about Valentin's departure with a good farewell dinner and a short party session, which, however, is / has to be ended quickly because of the historic rooms.

Last day, House broaching, that works. Then: Bouldering in Calw, Gimpelstein. We are all exhausted. Great successes are no longer achieved and we look for the execution site, where the Calw witch burnings took place, to say goodbye.

We learn on the phone that Valentin has been brought to Stuttgart to a badger breeding station, where he can grow big and strong with his mates before he is released into the wild. That comforts us and we follow the call of the Black Forest cake and in the café at the market we feast, what the buffet has to offer. Since Calw has a very pretty old town with half-timbered houses, we still stroll a little and eat an ice cream. Now it pulls us home. The bouldering family is now separating, it was a cool time and we thank the alpine club for making this possible for us.

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