Gta 5 online

Also in the new year, Rockstar Games is feeding Grand Theft Auto V's online portion with new content. So from now on the new motorcycle Pegassi FCR 1000 is available in GTA Online. In the new enemy mode "Vehicle Vendetta" you can take part in an explosive vehicle fight.

The extremely modifiable Pegassi FCR 1000 balances on the fine line between traditional no-frills construction and the wet dream of a skinny-jeans-wearing hipster. This modern classic will make your grandfather green with envy, even if he has always disowned you.

Gta 5 online

Opponent Mode: Vehicle Vendetta

In this new enemy mode you will face an opposing crew with your team and fight for power-ups, all of which can change the course of the game. The power-ups have various advantages. In Vehicle Vendetta, you will also be able to earn up to 17. January double GTA$& Collect RP. The power-ups at a glance:

– Beast: Automatically transforms you into a Rhino tank. Igniter: Removes obstacles. Objects from the arena. – Bomb: Place up to three bombs on the map to take out pursuers. – Missiles: Fire a series of missiles at oncoming enemies and incapacitate them. – Repair: fixes any damage to your vehicle. – Ghost: Become transparent and drive through enemy vehicles to steal their power-ups. – Full throttle: forces opposing vehicles to always drive at full throttle. – Inverted: Inverts the controls for the opposing team including acceleration and braking controls. – Focus: Makes time go slower for all players. – Deadline: Automatically puts the player on a Nagasaki Shotaro complete with devastating tracers. – Random: Collects a random power-up (with the exception of detonator).

Discounts and bonuses

From Tuesday 03. January, there are various discounts in the Warehouse, bonuses for export, discounts on vehicles, weapons and more. The discounts. Bonuses apply until 16. January:

– 25% more GTA$ for vehicle exports – 25% discount on renovations of special vehicle warehouses& Special cargo warehouses – 50% discount on grenade launchers – 25% discount on engine tuning – 25% discount on body armor, ammo, throwing weapons and ammo for explosive weapons – 25% discount on all masks

Double GTA$& RP on rockstar stunt races

Also from 3. January there will be double GTA$& RP for participating in all 27 Rockstar Stunt Races. For those who want to earn even more GTA$ (and triple RP): The premium race up to and including 16. January is "Motorbowling". To participate in the Premium Race, simply drive to the yellow marker at Legion Square or use the "Quick Job" app on your in-game smartphone.

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