Gta 5 causes damage in the millions

GTA 5 causes a total of 9.577.280 Euro damage. The new video game Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games is currently, along with FIFA14 from EA Sports, the top seller. Reason enough for the claims department of the insurance company to carry out a damage calculation for GTA 5.

Gta 5 causes damage in the millions

Since the 17. September is part five of the Grand Theft Auto series for Xbox 360 and PS3 available in stores and like its predecessors, the game is becoming an absolute bestseller. Part four alone brought the developers of Rockstar Games a turnover of over one billion dollars. In the first 24 hours, the game sold 11.21 million copies, generating sales of 815.7 million U.S. Dollars. The billion-dollar mark was reached after just three days with GTA 5. Several records of the Guinness Book of Records were set along with it.

Damage department calculates GTA 5 damage

In the customer magazine, the editors now also devoted themselves to the classic game. In a self-experiment, the claims department carried out a damage calculation for 99 minutes of GTA 5. The result from an underwriting point of view is staggering: a whole 9.577.280 euros of damage determined the damage experts. Two colleagues from the damage field service were engaged for this purpose. Set in front of the screen with controllers. In surely sweaty and joyless 99 minutes the two, in the roles of the main characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin, crossed the hot streets of Los Santos. Caravan – total loss. Salvage costs; current value approx. 4.000 Euro – Ranch main house – completely burned out and destroyed; damage: 320.000 euros – burned wooden fence on 150 meters; damage: 17.250 Euro – Aston Martin DB5 – repair; damage: total 60.000 Euro – vehicle comparable to Audi R8 V8 – repair; damage: 3.000 Euro – vehicle comparable Chrysler Grand Voyager Bj. 1992 – repair; damage: 3.000 Euro – vehicle comparable Chevy Sedan Delivery – repair; damage: 6.000 euros – small aircraft Beechcraft 95 Travel Air – paint and structural damage to airframe on the roof of the aircraft; damage: 80.000 Euro – Two gas turbine locomotives comparable type UP 18 – total loss; damage: 6.000.000 euros – track system on ca. 300 meters completely destroyed; damage: 1.500.000 Euro – helicopter Eurocopter AS 350 – total loss; damage: 1.584.530 euros

Grand Theft Auto V: Molotov cocktails, car chase and robberies

In their rampage of devastation, the characters leave behind millions in damage. Molotov cocktails fly into a house, various cars are damaged during the chase, a small plane, two trains and a helicopter have to be destroyed.

But that's not all that has to be paid for in the wild car chase. Because the bridge damaged by the train crash has structural damage and needs to undergo an assessment, as does the damage caused by the crash of a helicopter over a residential area below Vinewood Hills/Hollywood Hills.

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