Freeway a100 federal government plans the further construction

Freeway a100 federal government plans the further construction

The further construction of Berlin's A100 urban freeway is considered to be hotly disputed. These are the reactions to the federal government's plans.
Berliner Morgenpost 29.03.2022 – by Christine Richter

The controversial further construction of the Berlin city highway A100 from Treptower Park over the Spree to the Friedrichshain residential area should be implemented as soon as possible, according to the federal government. For this 17. The state secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport, Daniela Kluckert (FDP), told the Berliner Morgenpost that the planning for the second construction phase was put out to tender on Tuesday. The previous planning of the route should be reviewed again "under environmental aspects and other criteria, such as traffic volume or noise pollution" and be finalized by 2025.

Question of the day: Is the further construction of the city highway A100 in Berlin right?
Traffic senator Jarasch strongly condemns A100 plans
Berlin's transport senator Bettina Jarasch (Greens) expressed clear criticism on Tuesday of the announcement that the planning of the 17. Construction phase of the A100 to start. The priority of building a freeway through Berlin is "transport policy from the past", so Jarasch. "We don't need a new freeway in the city, we need the mobility turnaround. Instead of further destroying the cities with multi-lane lanes, investments must be made in public transport, in trains and buses, in cycle paths and footpaths, in networking mobility." She assumes "that the Federal Ministry of Transport will come to its senses", said Jarasch further.

A100 in Berlin: CDU "Many advantages for the people of our city"

For the Berlin CDU, continued construction is "good news". Oliver Friederici, transport policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives, said: "This will relieve the eastern part of Berlin's city center of through traffic. This should also improve the air quality in many city streets. It is also a good solution for the bottleneck at the Elsen Bridge. The extended A100 would provide better access to eastern Berlin. The airport BER better accessible. "There are thus many advantages for the people of our city. Therefore, we expect here from the Governing Mayor that her Senate supports this major project with all its forces. Berlin is a big city, not Bullerbü", according to Friederici.

UVB managing director Amsinck: "Berlin should not put any more obstacles in the way" The chief executive of the Berlin-Brandenburg business associations e.V. (UVB), Christian Amsinck, said about the extension of the A100: "We welcome the fact that the federal government is pushing ahead with the further construction of the A100 freeway. This project is of outstanding importance for the economic traffic in Berlin. (…) An efficient infrastructure is an enormously important location factor for companies. It concerns here the conversion of the federal traffic route plan, which the Bundestag decided by law. By the way, the financing was taken over almost completely by the federal government.

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