Crime tips on tuesday

Crime tips on tuesday

The Hamburg psychiatrist Dr. John "Joe" Jessen (Ulrich Noethen) can hardly believe his eyes when Vincent Ruiz (Jürgen Maurer) suddenly stands in his garden in complete despair. He is the commissioner who, just a few months ago, was determined to convict him of the murder of two young women. But Ruiz is in serious trouble. A few days ago he was shot and fished out of the Elbe unconscious, was temporarily in a coma. The only problem is that Ruiz has no memory of the night in question, and the uncertainty is driving him crazy.

20:15, SWR, crime scene: Mauerpark

Ritter (Dominic Raacke) and Stark (Boris Aljinovic) are annoyed in the presidential office by Vogt (Robert Gwisdek), a young maniac who claims to be being followed. A short time later, the commissioners are called to the body of a man. A lawyer was murdered. Vogt also roams around the crime scene in Mauerpark. The commissioners get involved in a case that goes back 25 years and involves the kidnapping of a baby from an industrialist family. You wonder if Vogt is involved, and you gradually get to the bottom of the masterful plan of a former victim who now becomes a perpetrator.

20:15, 3Sat, Death on the Baltic Sea

Meike (Ina Weisse) and Stefan Hansen (Justus von Dohnànyi) love their little daughter Lisa above all else. That's when Lisa is swept to her death in a tragic car accident. Ralf Kossak (Matthias Koeberlin), the driver of the crashed car, had a cramp in his right leg and lost control of his car. The whole village talks about murder. The Kossak family is being cut and threatened. Then Ralf Kossak is found dead. The village speaks of an accident. But the autopsy reveals that Ralf Kossak was beaten to death.

21:45, ZDFneo, Off the track – Thy will be done

Psychiatrist Joe Jessen (Ulrich Noethen) is called to an emergency: A woman is standing on a bridge, a cell phone to her ear. Joe can not save the woman. It seems remote-controlled. Jumps to the death. Her daughter Jenny (Alva Schäfer) does not believe in the suicide of her mother Carina Winter – in contrast to chief inspector Veronika "Ronnie" Nielsen (Michaela Rosen), for whom the facts are obvious. If the woman was driven to suicide by her caller?

22:00, NDR, Crime Scene: Burnt

In a small town in Lower Saxony, federal police officers Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and Katharina Lorenz (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) shadow an African asylum seeker suspected of dealing in forged passports for a smuggling gang. During the subsequent arrest, there is a violent physical confrontation between Falke and the suspect. The alleged smuggler is taken into police custody overnight to be interrogated the next day. At night, however, there is an accident in which the man dies. Falke and Lorenz investigate on their own.

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