Convince the latest trends.

Convince the latest trends.

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Cycling trends 2022

Discover lightweight e-bikes, cargo bikes for the whole family or sustainable bike clothing – The 2022 bicycle innovations have a lot in store!

Bicycle trends 2022

Cycling has become a real trend sport in recent years. But the bike is not only a faithful companion in leisure time, but also on the way to work. Therefore, bicycles will continue to play an important role in the transportation transition in the coming years. Bicycles are a practical, fast and environmentally friendly solution, especially for short trips. To make cycling even more suitable for everyday use, there are therefore numerous new bicycle trends. Bike trends in 2022 focus on safe cycling in the city, sustainability and digitalization. Bike trends are diverse and include many innovative ideas that will make your everyday life with a bike easier. Discover lightweight e-bikes, cargo bikes for the whole family or sustainable cycling apparel – The 2022 bicycle innovations have a lot in store!

Bike trends for safety on the roads

The focus of the latest bicycle technology is security. Among other things, the focus is on safety when cycling itself, as well as on protecting bicycles from theft. Manufacturers have developed various solutions to protect bicycles from falling over. For example, there are non-slip pedals and bicycle tires with profiles that provide a better grip on the ground. To ensure that cyclists use helmets more often in the future, 2022 will focus on design and function. A trendy bicycle helmet is for example "Hud-y" from the manufacturer Abus. This helmet has three vents. Includes an integrated rear light bar.

Safe bicycle parking is also an important aspect. Especially in big cities, parking your bike can often be a test of patience. This is where the "Velohub" project comes into play – here, two car parking spaces are turned into a modulable bicycle station. The roofable bicycle parking spaces also offer the possibility of an integrated charging station, workshop and luggage storage. Definitely a great idea!

The safety of the beloved bicycle is also close to the hearts of owners and manufacturers alike. Therefore, a theft-proof bicycle lock is a must-have for all cyclists. In the meantime, there are special wall anchors, which are firmly doweled into the wall. The integrated lock can then be used to secure one or two chains to the wall anchor. Or you can opt for a lock with an app alarm. Here you need neither key nor numerical code. The bike lock is opened with the owner's Bluetooth as soon as they are nearby with their paired smartphone. If a stranger tries to tamper with the lock for more than five seconds, a loud alarm sounds, which should scare the thief away. Especially the novel safety systems are a useful new bicycle trend.

E-bikes still very much in vogue

The e-bike trends in 2022 include the so-called SUV e-bikes as well as lightweight models. SUV e-bikes are off-road urban companions that can impress with ride comfort and versatility. Their trademark are the wide tires, like mountain bikes. In addition, they have a complete set of equipment suitable for everyday use with lights, luggage rack and mudguards. Thus, this trendy bike is perfect for tours off the paved roads. The second e-bike trend is that electric bikes are becoming lighter and more inconspicuous. For example, some lightweight e-bikes have barely detectable rear-wheel motors. Weigh in at only 15 kilograms.

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Sustainability is also coming into focus in the bicycle industry

Sustainability finds its application in numerous new bicycle trends. On the one hand, manufacturers are increasingly emphasizing production in Europe. This is how they want to make manufacturing more crisis-proof. Avoid supply problems. The green image of cycling is now also to be transferred to the products. Many manufacturers are focusing on sustainable action, with the goal of climate-neutral production. In the area of bicycle fashion, this is already being implemented today. Sustainable bicycle clothing is made from recycled coffee grounds or PET bottles, for example. A recycling system is now also used for bicycle inner tubes.

There are also new models of bicycles, which are an environmentally friendly substitute for the car. Indeed, transporting shopping or children is often a challenge that is best handled by car. But thanks to the cargo bikes, you can now safely leave your car behind. The so-called cargo bikes are perfect, for example, for delivery services, small businesses and families. There are different models for transporting loads by bike – from three-wheeled cargo bikes, to dynamic two-wheelers with suspension, to a bicycle model with a large luggage rack. There are also special variants for families with two integrated child seats, child hoods and cargo bikes with integrated e-bike motors. The cargo bike is definitely one of the trend bikes of the year.

Cool bike gadgets

In addition to bicycle trends, there are also great bicycle accessories trends. A practical gadget for the bicycle is, among other things, the clip-on bicycle bag, which is attached to the saddle with special fastening rails. With this useful and at the same time sustainable solution, your purchases are guaranteed to arrive home in one piece. Another trend is e-air pumps, they are small, handy and can inflate the tire at the touch of a button. Thanks to a digital display, the pressure can be checked at any time. Another bicycle helmet trend, on the other hand, are foldable helmets. These meet safety standards and can be folded and stowed in a backpack. Due to increasing digitalization, more and more apps are being developed for bicycles – The bicycle of the future will not be able to do without smartphones and apps.

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