Car repair due

Car repair due

Car damaged or the electrics no longer work, or. No longer flawless. As a rule, repair of the car is given and can no longer be postponed. But the account is already overdrawn, the next paycheck is still far away and the solution to this problem is not so easy to answer.

There are several ways to have your car repaired in spite of everything. Alternative solutions are, for example, to find a cheap car repair shop, to get a mini-loan from a lender or to pay for the repair at a later date, or to pay for the repair in installments. To pay in installments.

Find a cheap repair shopFind a repair shop on the Internet
Self-repair is rarely feasible
Carry out mini-credit comparison
Pay off the residual value of the car
Installment purchase of used cars

Locate a cheap repair shop

Comparing car repair shops locally is an option you could consider. Here it makes sense to tell the truth from the start. The garage may agree to pay for the repair at a later date. Also an installment payment can be suggested. If you know the owner of the repair shop well, the possibilities are not impossible.

Search for a repair shop on the Internet

Comparison portals on the Internet list a variety of auto repair shops that offer their services. Here different repairs are offered, which can be booked online.

After the person concerned has entered the type of vehicle and the damage to be repaired in the damage calculator, this brings to light several workshops that come into question.

Different repair shops are listed in a table, price information and services are included. Once you have decided on the best repair shop for you, you can arrange the desired repair, including the appointment, online. Almost all of the providers listed in a comparison portal are master workshops that also use brand-name spare parts. Payment is made after the repair has been completed at the garage. Payment on account can also be agreed, this has the advantage that the car owner can take a few weeks payment break.

Self-repair only rarely feasible

In the past it was often possible to repair your car yourself. For this purpose, there were even specially provided workshops. Thus the possibility existed to save repair costs at the car, finally only costs for spare parts resulted. Nowadays it is hardly feasible to carry out a repair on your own without professional knowledge and special tools. This means that every time a repair is due, a trip to the repair shop is unavoidable. A mini loan can quickly. Can also be requested online. An inquiry with his house bank can be carried out also by telephone, the decision is often announced directly, often mini-credit feasible or not. A comparison on the Internet on one of the numerous comparison portals is a sensible alternative to the house bank. With an online credit inquiry with reputable lenders falls the decision whether loan or no loan immediately. The request is sent to Schufa, but is not the only decisive factor for the creditworthiness of the applicant. If the comparison calculator has found the best mini loan offer, the interested party can apply for this mini loan.

Carry out mini-credit comparison

A credit comparison is easy and fast. Enter only the desired amount in the loan calculator, and specify the term and intended use. Then several banks are compared with each other. Personal information is also required for this method. A digital bank statement can also help to conclude the mini loan digitally and enjoy further favorable conditions.

After one has decided for the most favorable mini credit, the possibility exists on-line by videoident at the same time to prove itself, including digital signature. Once all required documents are submitted and mini-loan is approved, the amount will be transferred to desired account within a few days.

Other possibilities that can be considered

Having a conversation with the house bank can make perfect sense. It's often the case that you have several different loans going at the same time. Here it may be worthwhile to combine these loans into one loan. Has the advantage of being easier to keep track of and only have to pay an amount of credit.

Many banks grant the borrower a payment break, means that only after several weeks after loan disbursement first loan installment is due. Giving the borrower a breather. The possibility to save money. If a personal loan or mini loan is rejected because the applicant is not creditworthy, for example, then there is still the possibility of a loan guarantor to provide. This can be a known person who is liquid and the installment payments continue, should the borrower for whatever reason, the installments can no longer settle. This method is rather rare because it involves too many risks for the guarantor.

Pay off the residual value of the car

If all options fail and car repair is not feasible due to lack of money, the last option is to sell the damaged car. If it is anyway around an old scrap car, then probably hardly financially still much raussprpringen. For a few hundred euros, you could at least get yourself another vehicle. In case of need, a moped or a scooter could be enough to get from A to B. Especially in the summer months a method to consider. Also after a Mitfahrgelegenheit look out, if one needs its car for the way into the work, can be of use. Public transport is also a good way to get somewhere else.

Installment purchase used cars

Also an inquiry with the car dealer can be worthwhile and also successful. If it is a used car then it is worth asking in the vast majority of cases. Such a deal is done quickly. Both the customer and the car dealer should be satisfied. The car dealer is happy because the used car no longer sits around uselessly and means dead capital. The buyer is happy to have found an inexpensive means of transport and to be able to drive with it and that at bearable rates.

There are a number of possibilities that make it possible to complete a due car repair despite an empty wallet. A mini-credit is a very good perspective to have one's car repaired, especially in case of minor damage. Some garages also allow installment payments, but this usually requires a written agreement. In it it can be said that in case of non-payment the car changes hands. In this case the owner of the car repair shop. Mini loans are cheap to get, the interest rates are particularly favorable and the term is hardly longer than 12 months.

An overdraft is also a chance to have your car repaired. Prerequisite for this, the house bank agrees. This is mostly the case, if a regular receipt of money (wage) is given. To be considered only in the short term due to high interest rates on overdrafts.

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